Picks from Our Editors: Protect Floors this Fall

This fall, take time to proactively prevent accidents in your entryway. Slips and falls cost American businesses billions each year (source: Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety). Don’t let puddles, wet tiles, or worn-out mats be causal factors in an accident that could cost your business. In the article below, the editors of the Eagle Mat Blog review 5 key products to keep floors clean, dry, and safe through fall. Products include both mats and umbrella stands, cans, and wrappers. Shoes and umbrellas are two leading causes of puddles and liquid accumulation, making it vital that property owners help guests enter buildings safely.

5 Safety Products for Fall

1. Graphic Impressions

Make a memorable first impression with guests with a logo mat. These branded mats are perfect for use at a variety of buildings, including commercial office buildings, restaurants, delis, retail stores, and much more. Logos are deeply embedded within the surface of the floor mat using a nearly limitless combination of colors and effects.

2. Berber Supreme

If you have a vestibule that needs a tough matting solution, look no further than the Berber Supreme Entrance Mat. This mat proves unmatched performance, aggressively capturing dirt, debris, and moisture as guests enter and exit the building. Berber Supreme mats come with a long lasting Nitrile rubber backing for extra longevity and protection from skidding.

3. Waterhog Classic

Torn between aesthetics and function? The Waterhog Classic is your best bet. These mats are available in a wide array of colors, and their unique waffle pattern surface complements most interior decor schemes. Waterhog Classic also features a patented Water Dam that enables the mat to retain up to 1 full gallon of water, making this mat a must-have for especially rainy fall days.

4. Eco-Friendly Rubber Scraper

Go Green with this mat, without compromising safety or performance. Our Eco-Friendly scraper mats are ideal for outdoor applications, providing a stable and dry surface on which guests can thoroughly clean their shoes prior to entering the building.

5. Umbrella Stands

Umbrella stands are a great addition to any entryway. Mats can effectively wipe moisture from shoes, but additional safety precautions must be taken to stop wet umbrellas from trailing water through the entryway and into the building. Proactively put an end to the mess and risk of wet umbrellas with these unique bagging and auto-wrapping units.

Need Additional Assistance?

At Eagle Mat, it’s our pleasure to assist you in finding the ideal commercial floor mats, umbrella wrappers, crowd control systems, and other safety products. For additional assistance, contact customer services at 877-333-1018.