Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. on Snow Alert

Businesses along the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States might awake to frosty grounds and slippery conditions, according to weather reports by the National Weather Service. A significant amount of freezing rain and snow is set to fall on the morning of March 26th, due to a low pressure system currently lingering off the coast. And while snowfall will vary depending on the track the storm takes, meteorologists are convinced that most states along the Mid-Atlantic coastline (extending as far north as New England) will experience colder-than-average temperatures and heavy winds.

In New England, the outlook for Wednesday morning is particularly bleak. Southeastern Massachusetts and parts of coastal Maine are both expected to see upwards of 6” of snow.

Stay Safe This Spring

Businesses have suffered with unusually cold temperatures that have undoubtedly made safe operations a challenge this spring.. Freezing rain, snow, and ice are among the most dangerous forms of precipitation, causing slippery floors that too often lead to serious injury.

Here are a few safety tips, courtesy of the floor mat experts at Eaglemat.com:

1. Perform a seasonal risk assessment.

Risk assessments are typically performed annually. However, certain situations may warrant more frequent assessments that focus on a specific area of operations. This spring, businesses may benefit from conducting a seasonal risk assessment focused on effective snow management and accident prevention.

2. Clean and launder mats more frequently.

More precipitation means more liquid accumulation on floors and entrance mats. Since commercial safety mats lose their ability to prevent accidents as they become soiled, property owners must clean and launder mats more frequently during periods of inclement weather. Additionally, taking a moment to clear snow accumulation from sidewalks and outdoor mats will help to reduce incoming moisture and prevent accidents.

3. Keep staff on high alert during storms.

Floor mats are the first line of defense against incoming debris and the liquid accumulation that causes accidents. However, staff is an important secondary line of defense; without a trained and proactive crew, debris and liquid accumulation becomes unmanageable and accidents are likely to occur. Alert staff to the inclement weather and charge specific individuals with keeping heavily trafficked areas clean, dry, and safe throughout the day.

4. Use additional slip and fall safety precautions, as needed.

First, consider issuing a memo to warn employees to be cautious on their way to work. Encourage employees to remain cautious throughout the day. At entryways and throughout the lobby, consider using “slippery when wet” and “caution” signs to keep both employees and guests consciously aware of slips and falls. Umbrella bag stands can also be used to provide guests with a quick and easy way to store and tote wet umbrellas.

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Image courtesy of Weather.com.