Improving Safety in Multi-Tenant Spaces

multi-tentant spaces

We always remind you that accidents at the workplace are expensive. Each slip, trip, or fall incident at the workplace costs the employer an average of $40,000.

Owning or managing a multi-tenant space is a big responsibility. So, today, as we head into winter we’d like to give you some hints on improving safety in those multi-tenant spaces.

  1. Entrance mats. The simplest and cheapest way to immediately improve safety is to put down some entrance mats. Mats are easy to clean, come in tons of colors, and they trap water, snow, ice, dirt, and debris—all things that decrease traction if they’re spread around on your floors. We have mats designed for inside, and mats designed for outside. We have everything you could possibly need for an entrance mat for the front or back of your premises.
  1. Have a maintenance schedule. Make sure your employees know when the floors and carpets and mats need cleaning, and they do it regularly. The maintenance schedule has several benefits: first, it makes you look good. You don’t want your customers or clients seeing a dirty floor. Second, it’s easier and cheaper to clean floor and carpets and mats before they’re filthy. Third, floors and carpets and mats last longer if they’re cleaned regularly. And last, but not least, everyone is safer when your flooring is clean and dry. It’s important for the maintenance staff to understand what is expected of them. Remember that we offer all kinds of flooring services in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and south Florida metropolitan areas.
  1. Appropriate lighting. Do you have adequate lighting inside and out? Adequate and appropriate lighting makes everything safer. It deters criminal activity, and both employees and visitors are less likely to fall when they can see where they’re going.
  1. Other security features. If possible, have someone who tracks workmen or trades who are coming and going. It’s important to know who these people are, where they’re going, and what they are supposed to be doing. Tracking this activity can also help and reduce billing charges. No one can charge you for four hours if the person was only there for two. Try to have some video cameras on key areas. Visible cameras are a deterrent to criminal activity. Any cameras at all can provide useful information in the case of an accident.

Please make your multi-tenant spaces safe all year round but especially as we approach the holiday season and the worst weather of the year. Your tenants and your employees are counting on it.

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