How to Make a Lasting Impression With Branded Floor Mats

Floor mats serve many purposes. We usually talk about how they make a business space safer by adding traction to the floor. Or we talk about how they make a business cleaner by trapping dirt and water at the front door.

But there’s a third great purpose for floor mats that doesn’t get mentioned as often, and that’s for marketing and branding. It’s possible to buy logo mats, which can be printed with anything you want.

The printing on logo mats is amazingly good. It’s very precise and accomplished with cutting-edge technology. You can have virtually any color or combination of colors including shading, fading, and 3-D imaging.

By using logo mats, then you can have something eye-catching, colorful, and memorable when clients first walk in the door. And your logo will be the last thing clients see when they leave, as well.

Logo mats can also be printed with artwork, lettering or a motto, for example. It’s a really easy way to say something about your business that’s unobtrusive, but also unavoidable. This is an easy addition to any marketing strategy.

It’s just as easy to clean logo mats as other types of mats. These mats can be hosed off and laid flat to dry, and some of the models of logo mats like the Supreme Carpet Logo Mat can be laundered in a commercial machine. (We also offer mat laundering services in some areas like metropolitan Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and south Florida.)

Of course, the first purpose of floor mats is to absorb dirt and water. By grabbing that dirt and water and preventing it from being spread throughout your place of business, everything will be cleaner, the floors, the air, and the whole premises.

The second purpose is one of safety. Floor mats add traction to the floor where it’s needed most, at the entrance. Any dirt, water, or debris that has been brought inside on the bottoms of shoes decreases floor traction and makes floors more slippery. Mats add traction and cut down on slips, trips, and falls. (In 2016, in the US, 697 employees died in falls, and more than 40,000 sustained an injury while falling that was serious enough to require medical attention.)

Simply put, logo mats can make your premises safer, cleaner, and memorable for your clientele.

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