How Much Is Fatigue In the Workplace Costing Your Business?

How Much Is Fatigue In the Workplace Costing Your Business?

A tired workforce is a less productive workforce. A fatigued employee is more likely to make errors or create conditions that could cost their employers time and money. An employee who is chronically exhausted, either from their working conditions, a lack of sufficient sleep, or both, may be absent from work more often and increase the risk of accidents and occupational injuries.

Unfortunately for American business owners, fatigue in the workplace is a widespread problem that has enormous consequences for employees and their employers alike.

The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that fatigue costs American employers $136 billion every year in health-related lost productivity. A typical employer with 1,000 employees can expect to lose $1 million lost each year to fatigue: $272,000 due to absenteeism and $776,000 due to presenteeism (being present at work but unfocused).

Even the smallest business loses money to fatigue. You can use this Fatigue Cost Calculator from the NSC to find out how much fatigue among your workforce costs your company.

A lack of sufficient sleep is a significant risk factor for workplace fatigue; more than 40 percent of workers experience sleep deprivation, with workers on night shifts, long shifts, or irregular shifts most at risk of sleep-related fatigue. But it’s not just the time in bed (or lack thereof) that leads to worker fatigue. How they spend their time at work also plays a significant role in whether an employee will suffer chronic fatigue.

Many individuals in a wide range of industries spend most, if not all, of their workday on their feet. Cashiers, assembly line workers, waitstaff, and others who spend all day standing and walking will tire more quickly and are more likely to experience pain than those who get to spend their time sitting.

That is where anti-fatigue floor mats can make a huge difference in a company’s efforts to protect its workers, and itself, from the consequences of fatigue.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed so that they force your standing body to constantly adjust and distribute the weight. The mats come with a cushiony membrane that offers buoyancy to a standing person. Your feet will be forced to continually shift and adjust, thereby preventing numbing problems, concentrated muscle stress and strain, and poor blood circulation.

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