Happy Mats

Happy MatsMost savvy businesses owners understand the importance of floor matting for safety regulations. But, few understand just how mats can be used to improve the “happy factor” at work. Aside from preventing slips due to commercial and industrial spills, mats can improve the overall mood in your office when picked and placed strategically.

Consider the following reasons workspace mats inspire employees to develop a functional and happy attitude at work.

5 Ways to Improve Work Spaces with Commercial Mats

  1. Vibrant colors

Colorful mats can improve the overall appearance of an entryway, corridor, or employee area, allowing a positive impact on both customers and in-house employees. In fact, a recent study from the University of Texas showed that cold, gray, beige, and white offices lead to feelings of depression for both female and male employees. (i) Colorful workspaces have a significant impact on productivity in the workplace, and mixing a few key colors creates a comfortable, efficient environment. Green and blue are typically viewed as the two best colors to incorporate around the office, but if you prefer, yellow can instigate creativity due to its vibrant, happy appeal. Steer clear of deep reds that are often a bit too energetic and loud for the workplace.

  1. Positive Messaging

Branding is an important business strategy, which is why you may opt for logo-imprinted business cards, promotional “swag,” and a thoughtful advertising or marketing campaign. Keep the importance of brand advertising alive in your office, as well. Using custom logo mats reminds customers and employees of the brand name, so each time they walk across one of these custom mats, they think of the place they are loyal to through purchasing behavior or their career. Graphic Impressions Logo Mats are the most popular option for businesses and stores because they come in a wide variety of colors to fit any company theme. Sizes vary so you can tailor mats appropriately. And, with digital printing, virtually any copyrighted content can be placed on the mats to solidify your company’s stance in the corporate world.

  1. Bacteria Control

Many of Eagle Mat’s floor runners incorporate antimicrobial technologies to keep bacteria at bay. Having a clean work environment is extremely important for worker health and safety. Healthy employees equal happy, productive, and present employees. Alternatively, spreading germs can result in illness, forcing more individuals to take time off of work, or worse, toughing it out of the office and increasing the further spread of germs and sickness.

  1. IAQ

In addition to controlling bacteria, mats trap and contain particles that would otherwise circulate and pollute the air. Indoor air quality, also referred to as IAQ, is an important component of facility management. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a low IAQ is a result of various factors, including contaminated outdoor air from pollen, dust, industrial pollutants, and vehicle exhaust. Similarly, pesticides, moisture and standing water, HVAC systems clouded with dust or dirt, microbiological growth in humidifiers from duct work, and improper venting can all diminish the quality of air in a building. (ii) Even remodeling, which in the long run helps employees to feel more comfortable at work (unless space becomes more cramped), can lead to poor IAQ. Eliminating these contaminants at the ground floor is one of many effective health precautions you can take for your facility.

  1. Fatigue Relief

Ergonomic standing desks are becoming more popular in the corporate environment because they evade some of the dangers that sitting for eight straight hours presents. But after a while, feet become tired and bothersome. It’s best to provide workplace anti-fatigue mats for employees who opt for standing desks. Anti-fatigue mats absorb shock from walking with cushions that minimize foot and leg fatigue. These pressure-relief mats can also be placed in industrial environments where fatigue is common. According to a study from the Journal of the American Medical Association, lost productivity is often due to distracting or debilitating aches and pains. (iii)

If you’re serious about providing employees with a healthy, happy work environment, Eagle Mat can help. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and we currently offer free shipping and a price match guarantee to help cut costs for facility managers. Call us today at (877) 333-1018 to get started on outfitting your workplace in the best way possible.


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