Best Mats for Industrial Manufacturing Centers

Best Mats for Industrial Manufacturing CentersIndustrial manufacturing centers produce a variety of goods, including fabricated metal, printing and publishing, stone, clay, glass, concrete, aerospace materials, furnishings, food and beverages, construction equipment, transportation devices, and wholesale goods. Given the magnitude and scope of these products, large machinery, assembly lines, and ample space is required to keep manufacturing flowing smoothly. But, with this type of equipment and size comes risk.

What Makes Industrial Manufacturing Centers Unique?

Unlike commercial facilities, including offices, lobbies, and stores, industrial manufacturing centers lend themselves to higher risk due to their processes.

Concerns for these facilities include movement of heavy machinery, use of toxic materials, driving carts, vehicles, or trucks. By installing industrial-designed matting, industrial facility managers can mitigate risks associated with accidents and damages at work.

Worker fatigue from manual labor is also a safety concern that often goes overlooked in the manufacturing industry. When operating heavy machinery, employees must be alert and attentive to minimize the risk of workplace incidents. Lack of sleep is the associated culprit for many national headline incidences, including the Challenger space shuttle tragedy, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and various plane crashes, such as the Continental flight 3407 crash in Buffalo in 2009. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, one sleepless night can mimic a blood alcohol impairment of up to 0.10 percent, which is over the legal driving limit. Not to mention, tired and drowsiness contributes to low productivity. Anti-fatigue mats, combined with promoting work-life balance and ample sleep, act as solutions to maximize productivity while keeping employees safe.

Aside from safety concerns, lack of matting and protective gear can damage facilities and cost thousands of dollars in repairs each year. Rather than replace, prevent facility damages by placing matting in key areas where large boxes and gear is transported or held.

Necessary Products for Industrial Manufacturing Centers

Industrial Strength Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats help employees stay alert and attentive by making standing for hours more comfortable. Several plush layers compress when weight is applied, which soothes and stimulates the muscles of the feet, legs, lower back, and hips. Increased blood flow from muscle stimulation allows employees to feel fresh and revitalized, without having to take consistent breaks due to aches and strains.

Anti-Static Mats

Operating electrical equipment should only be administered to properly trained professionals. According to an NIOSH National Traumatic Occupational Facilities (NTOF) survey, electrocutions were the fifth leading cause of death from 1980 to 1992, accounting for 5,348 total deaths. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs in areas that house electric equipment, so placing anti-static mats underneath electrical gear is a must. Anti-static mats re-channel ESD as to not harm facilities or employees in the vicinity.

Elevator Pads

You may notice elevator pads in multi-family apartment buildings or college dormitories when people are moving in and out. These are hung against the sides of the elevator to protect scratching and other damages. Freight elevators transport equipment, heavy boxes, and sometimes awkwardly sharp contraptions. Rather than damage your freight elevator, cover interior walls with elevator pads. Wall padding also keeps the goods being transported, and the employees carrying them, safe. Check out our elevator floor measurement guide to determine the most accurate sizing.

Garage Matting

Vehicle storage garages, loading areas, and shipping facilities should all be outfitted with floor safety materials. It’s pertinent to protect the garage floor from oil, antifreeze, salt, or battery acids, which can cause irreparable damages to floors, leading to costly repairs. After placement, garage matting can be easily wiped and cleaned with water or swept with a broom.

Rubber Matting 

Areas that are wet in nature require water-wicking mats so employees don’t slip and fall. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims, and 22 percent of slip and fall incidents resulted in 31 days away from work, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Soft Floor Drainage Mats feature holes to allow drainage while being soft enough to provide anti-fatigue benefits. These Nitrile rubber mats are highly durable and have anti-microbial agents to combat odors and bacteria.

Recessed Mats

To maintain clean, healthy industrial centers, make sure common areas are outfitted with recessed mats that remove dirt and debris. These mats trap dirt in the depression of the floor as to avoid further distribution. Further, recessed mats lie flat with the floor to minimize potential tripping incidences.

All of the industrial center mats offered by Eagle Mat are price match guaranteed and include free shipping. We pride ourselves in helping facilities stay safe, minimizing the risks of accidents, and keeping employees healthy and happy through education and production quality.

If you have further questions concerning your industrial manufacturing center, Eagle Mat is here to help. We’re available to take calls if customers are interested in specific uses of mats, technical specifics for installation, safety ratings, and any other general inquiries.