Essential Mats for Entrance Vestibules

Essential Mats for Entrance VestibulesAny property owner or facility manager who has taken time to shop entrance mats knows that there are a variety of different options available. In the end, it comes down to identifying which commercial flooring product will best suit your needs for cleanliness, image, and safety. When searching for mats for entryway vestibules, it also helps to assess your needs based on your facility’s location, function, and hours of operation. Taking this qualitative approach assists in determining the material, size, and functionality of the safety mats to be purchased.

Location. The location of the facility is the first item that needs thoughtful consideration. Take a moment to think how weather changes from season-to-season. Also consider the overall temperature variance of the region. Take record highs and lows into account, because flooring can be a long-term investment that might have to withstand unforeseen weather fluctuations.

Function. Next, think about the function of the facility. Is it a storefront, or is it a warehouse? Is it visited primarily by potential customers, employees, or both? Or, perhaps the facility is a residential complex and tenants include children, young professionals, or elderly individuals, each of whom have unique safety needs.

Operating Hours. Another thing to consider are operating hours, and the degree of visitor flow that the facility experiences during hours of operation. In general, opt for longer, more coarse mats to accommodate wider time windows and heavier traffic streams (more details below).

Best Mats and Flooring for Vestibules

In this section, we explore the different types of floor mats and commercial flooring available for entrance vestibules. Each approach has unique pros and cons, making it all the more important to consider the location, function, and operating hours of the facility (as noted above).

Entrance mats for vestibules come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the most popular matting products:

Rubber Scraper Mats

Rubber scraper mats are most effective in dislodging tough dirt and grime from the soles of shoes. They squeegee shoes dry, however guests may not wipe their feet long enough to get the full benefit. It might also be difficult to dry shoes on rainy days, so it’s important to think about pairing Rubber Scraper Mats with a second set of carpet mats, recessed tiles, or recessed grills placed just inside the entryway. The second set of indoor mats will ensure shoes maintain a clean, dry, and firm grip on the floors of the lobby.

Recessed Floor Mats and Carpet Tiles

Recessed mats and carpet tiles are ideal for use inside vestibules. This application is widely recognizable in the vestibules in shopping malls, department stores, airports, and other heavily trafficked facilities. Most popular are tough, heavily textured matting like Berber as well as polypropylene tiles, like those made by Waterhog. Best of all, recessed matting and carpeting presents virtually no tripping hazard to guests because it lies flush with the ground.

Recessed Grill Mats

Recessed grill mats like the Pedimat are perfect for facilities that are considering recessed matting because of traffic flow, but are also concerned that weather might wear-out conventional carpet and matting too quickly. These industrial-strength systems feature alternating slats of aluminum and carpet that aggressively clean liquids, snow, sidewalk salt, and other debris from shoes. Liquid and debris fall between the slats and into the recessed compartment, located just below the surface of the grill system (within a recess in the floor). The surface of the system is easily removed (some even roll-back), allowing maintenance personnel to quickly and neatly clean the contents with a shop-vac or other industrial vacuum.

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