Eagle Mat Spreads Awareness for Snow and Ice Management

Is your facility proactively managing snow and ice accumulation this winter? If not, you could be exposed to liability for the slips and falls that may result from poorly maintained parking lots, sidewalks, and other walkways. This winter, Eagle Mat and Floor Products is spreading awareness for snow-related accidents, offering Snow Management guides and special promotions on facility safety products for winter.

What is a Snow Management Plan? Snow Management Plans are a set of protocols that a facility sets to make sure snow, ice, and other weather accumulation is proactively managed in a way that maximizes safety for property visitors. First, facilities are advised to set specific goals regarding snow and ice management. This might include scheduled removal, shoveling, and the use of rock salt to keep trafficked areas safe for guests.

Free Shipping and 100% Price Match Guarantee on All Safety Products

To spread awareness for snow management and accident prevention this year, Eagle Mat announces free shipping and guaranteed low prices on all commercial safety products ordered on Eaglemat.com. Recognizing that winter safety includes both external snow management as well as internal flooring safety, our safety team excitedly offers this new promotion to facility managers and property owners who need to improve facility safety with the following products:

  • Rubber scraper mats to keep snow, ice, and rock salt from entering and soiling entryways.
  • Carpet mats to absorb additional moisture as guests enter the premises.
  • Recessed grill mats for facilities that need an industrial-strength solution for heavily trafficked areas.

Browse these products and more by visiting the Eagle Mat commercial floor mats online store.

Read the full press release. To read this press release, click on the following link: Eagle Mat Promotes Awareness for Snow and Ice Management