Editor’s Pick: Essential Readings on Fall Safety

With summer temperatures reaching 100 degrees in the Northeast and Midwest, fall safety preparedness is likely to be a distant thought for most American business owners. As the adage goes, however, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This week, our editorial team invites business owners to start thinking of fall safety with the following essential readings on the Eagle Mat Blog.

Fall Safety Preparedness

Fall safety preparedness is a seasonal approach to accident prevention. It focuses on readying facilities for inclement weather as well as the hustle and bustle that comes with back-to-school shopping and the winter holiday season. To most efficiently and effectively prepare, business owners are encouraged to re-visit any risk assessments that have been performed in the past. For those businesses that have yet to perform a risk assessment, or for those with assessments that are outdated, it is recommended a reassessment be performed to identify risks and safety concerns.

To help with this process, our editors have hand-selected a few of the Eagle Mat Blog’s most popular guides and online resources. Each has been separated into 1 of 4 subsections: Property Owner Liability, Planning for Risk, Commercial Matting Placement Guide, and the Fall Product Spotlight, a collection of our most popular safety products.

Property Owner Liability

When preparing for a busy Fall, businesses are wise to review basic concepts of property owner liability with all employees. Reviewing these important concepts provides 2 important benefits. First, it helps employees at various levels of the organization understand the importance of preventing accidents from both a legal and pragmatic perspective. Second, understanding the finer points of property owner liability gives decision makers context that will help with developing sound risk management programs.

Most importantly, all employees must understand that customers are most often considered “invitees” by law. Property owners owe customers the highest duty of care as a result, and they must take reasonable measures to ensure their safety. It’s important for everyone from upper level management to maintenance and janitorial staff to understand both this concept so it can be applied daily.

Of course, businesses must also consider the “ins and outs” of liability prevention on both state and local/municipality levels, as specific requirements, codes, etc. may vary.

As a starting point, our editorial team has compiled a list of 7 things every property owner should know about liability in this article, Understanding Property Owner Liability.

Commercial Matting Placement Guides

After first endeavoring to better understand the concepts of liability, it’s time to put your facility’s risk management plan into action. It’s important to note that all areas of business operations should be assessed in order to make things safer for both employees and customers/facility guests. It’s also vital to consider the difference between sales/ customer service areas, and those designated for use by employees. These environments are risky in different ways, and the people who navigate them have different mindsets; one of the shopper, and one of the employee.

Visit our Commercial Matting Placement Guides to learn more about specific safety concerns for entryways, customer service areas, manufacturing facilities, food service areas, and more.

Fall Product Spotlight: Popular, Effective Safety Products

After identifying specific areas of risk, a cost-benefit analysis can be performed to determine which types of safety products can be used to make hazardous environments a safer place for employees, customers, and other facility guests.

Visit our Fall Product Spotlight series to learn how large scale risk management goals can be accomplished with fully customizable entrance mats, recessed grill mat systems, stair treads, elevator pads, and other safety products.

Eagle Mat and Floor Products: Step Forward

With over 30 years experience in the commercial matting and safety products industry, Eagle Mat and Floor Products has become an industry leader in helping businesses of all verticals meet safety needs with exceptional products and services. Our online store couples our extensive product line with Live Chat customer service to deliver unparalleled value and expertise to our customers.

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