Best Floor Mats for Hotels

The best hotel floor mats are high-performance mats at every entrance to the building that is at least four feet long. This is so important that the Green Building Council and the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system offer points just for having good-quality mats at the entrance.

And think about it. Hotels have exceptionally hard traffic on their floors. Not only are lots of people always coming and going, but those people are also dragging behind them heavy suitcases. This is why hotels need the best quality entrance mats.

Why are entrance mats so important?

Entrance mats at every entrance achieve several things:

  1. They trap water. Mats like the Waterhog mats, the industry standard for wet weather, trap an enormous amount of dirty water and keep it from being tracked throughout the building. Slippery floors spell accidents. Hotels are typically very high-traffic, and you make everyone safer if you stop the water at the door.
  2. They trap dirt. Not only do good entrance mats trap dirt, but they also trap pollen and mold spores. They improve ambient air quality and lessen allergies. Better air quality in a hotel means employees with fewer sick days and happier and healthier guests.
  3. They provide traction. Mats offer increased traction that is lost when floors are wet and dirty. Mats actually scrub the bottoms of shoes and hold on to whatever dirt, water, or debris comes off the shoes. Increased traction is critical in preventing accidents.

Very high-traffic areas may need recessed mats with grill systems for recessed areas that can be cleaned. Don’t worry! We have those kinds of mats, too.

Of course, don’t forget that mats can only do their jobs if they’re clean. That means that you need enough mats to be able to wash one and give it time to air dry and have another one to take its place while the first one is drying. Mats require regular maintenance just like any other type of flooring.

Mats, however, are easy to clean. All of them can be hosed off, and many can be washed in a commercial washing machine. Be sure to check the manufacturers’ instructions about the best way to clean your mats.

When your hotels are booked solid and your employees are working flat out, make sure to keep everyone safe with entrance mats inside every doorway. Those mats will make a much bigger difference than you may realize.

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