Accident Prevention with Entrance Mats

Did you know that every year 2 million American workers get hurt badly at their place of work? A single workplace accident can leave a big impact on your business. A business owners’ responsibilities include facility maintenance and preventative measures. Between the medical bills, the lost productivity, all the workers’ compensation paperwork, the costs are high. The majority of all accidents in the workplace are “slip and fall”.

To prevent these falls, you first have to understand how they happen. Common causes of slips include oily or wet surfaces, spills, weather hazards and loose rugs or mats. Slip-and-fall accidents are common and cause businesses an inordinate amount of time and money. 

Entrance floor mats are the best way for a business to proactively avoid such accidents and liability claims. Intelligent use of outdoor mats and front door mats is the best way to increase safety. Moreover, these floor mat installations remind your guests that they are entering a clean and professional workplace that values visitor safety.

Our high-quality front door mats are available in a range of materials including carpet, vinyl link, and rubber.

Waterhog Classic Mats are the #1 floor and entrance mats in the industry. Crush resistant raised-square “nubs” hold dirt and moisture below the foot level while effectively scraping shoe soles. Water, dirt, and debris are held at bay with Waterhog’s featured “Water Dam” border that can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.

Premier Carpet Entrance Mats are our most popular, highest-quality rubber back carpet mats on the market today. Made of the finest high-twist, heat-set, solution dyed nylon yarn. This high-grade yarn is extremely strong. It prevents shoe depressions into the mat while trapping dirt underneath the surface fibers. Definitely the best combination of aesthetics and functionality.

A step up from our Premier Carpet Mats, the Plush Carpet Mats not only provide the same functions and look as aesthetically pleasing, but they are thicker and heavier. With the extra plush high-twist, heat-set, solution dyed nylon yarn and the extra thick 90 Mil rubber backing, these mats are extremely durable. These indoor mats are great for main entrances and busy areas, because they can withstand heavy foot traffic while knocking dirt and debris off the shoes and drying them at the same time.

Waterhog ECO Grand Premier features a half oval design to compliment those first two steps inside or outside a door entrance. The stylish half oval design is a fashionable take on ordinary front door mats.

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