3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Matting Products

Floor SafetyIn recent months, the Eagle Mat Blog has covered numerous ways in which commercial floor mats are a vital component to the safety and cleanliness of most business operations.  In last week’s article, we covered many of those operational benefits in an article titled Top 5 Matting Products for Your Business.  Today, we would like to focus the discussion on entrance mats and the many ways these rubber, carpet, and aluminum/carpet grill systems can be used to make business locations a safer and more profitable place.  In today’s article, we will explore the circumstances in which rubber scraper mats, carpet entrance mats, and recessed grill mats are best implemented.

Use A Rubber Scraper Mat Outdoors

People arriving at your office came from anywhere you can think of.  This means that their shoes are gathering dirt and dust as well as other debris while going about their routine.  To lessen the debris from going into the business place, then position a rubber scraper mat on the outdoors.  These mats are able to work hard by scraping off dirt from the footwear even when wet.  The dirt then will settle on the trenches in between the scrapers.  Hosing or sweeping can easily clean off the mat.

Use A Carpet Entrance Mat Just Inside The Entryway

For a better cleaning experience on the footwear, add a carpeted entrance mat along the inside of the entryway.  The material will add in a more detailed dusting to the underside of the shoes.  Visitors will not be embarrassed placing smudges on the floor that was washed to be presentable.  Make sure that the carpet can be cleansed easily through a vacuum cleaner or by putting it into the washing machine.  Check out the different carpet materials that are washing machine friendly so you have options to choose.

Use A Recessed Grill Mat System If You Have A Lot Of Visitors

If you are that business owner, who is constantly seeing many customers in a day, then go for the recessed grill mat system.  This makes the welcoming mat work better as the materials for this type of mat is good for heavy trafficked entrances.  Some of the buildings that use this are the school, airports and other office spaces.  The debris does not stay on the surface but goes in between the aluminum connector and falls off to the ground.  This allows the mat to be used for a long time without being cleaned.

It’s All About Placement – Call for Consultation

If there’s one lesson to take away from today’s Blog it’s this:  Effective floor mat schemes are all about knowing your needs and placing specific products accordingly.  In the above example, a rubber scraper mat is best complemented by a carpet entrance mat to maximize debris cleaning and containment.  On the other hand, a recessed grill system may be preferable over the Scraper / Carpet Mat combination when visitor traffic is high.

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