Tips for Preventing Workplace Injuries

Manpower still remains as the most irreplaceable commodity in business.  Finding excellent workers is not an easy process.  It is in a company’s best interest to motivate and protect their employees.  The success and failure of any enterprise is closely linked to their employees’ satisfaction level.  Happy and healthy workers are productive workers. A company’s profitability may not be directly proportional to employee satisfaction, but satisfaction is nevertheless an important element that needs to be cultivated, protected, and valued. Commercial floor mats, along with other facility safety products, play a large role in creating a healthy workplace in which employees can work safely, productively, and happily.

Companies that prioritize their employees’ welfare grow, while those who neglect and ignore their workers’ needs inevitably meet their doom.   Take care of your staff, and reap the benefits!

Prevent Workplace Injuries with these Tips

One of the ways to promote employee welfare is preventing workplace injuries.  Employees are exposed to potentially hazardous situations on a daily basis.  The best solution, above all else, is accident prevention.  Increasing awareness and diminishing the risks of accidents will minimize company liability, should an accident occur.

In most businesses, the most common workplace injuries stem from slip and fall accidents.  The second most common source of injuries result from worker fatigue.  Other worker injuries come from not knowing about the hazards.

Protect workers from accidents with the following tips:

1. Maintain a pristine facility. 

Floors should be sanitized, dry, and free of clutter and debris.  Ideally a large commercial mat should be installed at entryways, trapping the dirt from the outside.  Depending on the industry, the amount of daily traffic through the doors, and internal and state Health codes, companies should select an entrance mat that best suits their needs.

2. Prevent accidents in lobbies.

While lobbies with gleaming, newly polished floors are aesthetically pleasing, they are dangerous.  People can slip and fall and hurt themselves.  A well-placed mat in these areas not only promote a safe environment, but it also adds a polished, professional touch to the large gathering area.

3. Communicate dangers and risks in the workplace. 

Install signs and warnings around the facility in locations where there are risks of accidents.  Place signs along the eye line in distinguishable colors and readable fonts.  Employees should be able to spot and read the sign easily.  Take care to succinctly and clearly state the threat of accident in the sign.  The simpler and shorter the message, the more likely it will be read.

4. Promote employee well-being.

For workers who are on their feet the entire duration of a workday, invest in anti-fatigue mats.  From the staff standing behind the counters at hotels, retail, and food service businesses to those who work in labs and assembly lines, prolonged standing on the bare floor surface can be damaging to their ankles, knees, and spines.  Because of their ergonomic design, commercial anti-fatigue mats offer relief and minimize impact of extended exposure on the hard floor.  These floor mats also helps the circulation of blood on the lower limbs.

5. Reinforce stairways.  

If slipping can happen on clean stairways, the risk are even more compounded on moist and dirty stairs.  Install stair treads to minimize the risks of falling down the stairs.

6. Protect employees from electrical shock!

Most business nowadays operate high voltage equipment.  Protect employees and machines by investing in commercial anti-static floor mats and runners.  Prevent accidental electrocution, equipment damage, fires, and loss of human life by properly managing electrical discharges of high voltage machinery.  Install commercial matting that can withstand up to 30,000 volts in rooms with high electronic density.

Focus on Safety to Prevent Workplace Injuries

It is essential that businesses take responsibility of their employees’ general welfare.  Promoting facility safety should be the topmost priority for any business.  Maintaining a clean and safe facility does not only benefit employees.  A properly managed facility enables higher productivity rates and general happiness, and also impresses visitors and clients.

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