Slips and Falls Responsible For Half Of All Workplace Traumatic Brain Injuries

Slips and Falls Responsible For Half Of All Workplace Traumatic Brain Injuries

The brain is a remarkable machine, the source of everything that makes us who we are. It is also remarkably fragile. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can take away or alter a person’s personality and dramatically diminish their ability to communicate, process information, or remember things. A TBI can also steal a person’s ability to work or earn a living. Sadly, however, the workplace is where TBIs often happen.

Thousands of Americans Suffer Brain Injuries In The Workplace Each Year

An estimated 2.8 million people sustain a TBI each year. These brain injuries are a contributing factor to 30% of all injury-related deaths in the United States. Traumatic brain injuries in the workplace make up a significant portion of these often-catastrophic events:

  • It is estimated that up to 14% of TBI cases every year arise from work-related accidents.
  • Concussions, a form of TBI, account for approx. 90% of non-fatal work-related TBI in the U.S.
  • Of all work-related fatalities in the U.S., 60% involve TBI.

How Do Work-Related TBIs Happen?

TBIs are typically the result of an external force striking the head, whether from the skull making a violent impact with the ground or an object piercing the cranial plate to penetrate the brain. In addition to an outside force violently impacting the head, TBI can also result from prolonged oxygen deprivation, poison, or choking.

Workplace TBIs can happen in any number of ways. They can also occur in any type of work setting, from construction sites and warehouses to offices or restaurants. That’s because the most common on-the-job incidents which result in TBI are slips and falls and trips and falls. According to a 2013 study, falls account for almost half of all work-related TBI.

The most common causes of workplace slip and fall accidents are poor walking surfaces (55 percent) caused by slippery conditions from contamination, fluid discharge, splatter or spillage of liquids, leaking lubricating oils and greases, leaking chemicals, and other substances.

Work-Related TBIs From Slips and Falls Can Cost Business Owners A Fortune. Preventing Them Costs A Lot Less.

Workplace slip and fall injuries cost American business owners billions of dollars each year. According to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, employee slips and trips and falls cost businesses $11 billion in 2014 alone. That is almost 20 percent of the $60 billion companies lost to all workplace accidents. Additionally, an employee who is injured in a slip and fall accident misses an average of 38 days of work, costing companies millions of dollars more in lost productivity and increased insurance premiums.

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