Sarasota Storms Prompt Businesses to Prepare for Tornado Safety

Sarasota Storms Prompt Businesses to Prepare for Tornado Safety

Tornados in Sarasota, Florida made national headlines over the weekend. Storms touched down near Siesta Key and Duette between 3 and 4am on Sunday, causing serious damage to trees, buildings, and homes in the area. At least 2 residents lost their lives during Sunday’s storm, according to the Associated Press.

El Niño has triggered unusual temperatures and weather patterns, prompting business owners to think outside the box while preparing for a wetter than average winter. In the wake of yesterday’s tragic events, everyone is urged to evaluate existing protocols for severe weather and emergencies. In Texas, the Gulf Coast, the Midwest and Florida, that also means thinking about tornado safety.

Tornado Safety

This winter, business owners are cautioned to stay prepared for tornados and other extreme weather. Follow the safety guidelines below, originally made available by Share this article with employees, and take proactive measures to ensure all stakeholders are aware of emergency safety protocols this winter.

  1. Know the difference between a Tornado Watch (tornados are possible) and a Tornado Warning (tornado has been sighted or indicated by radar).
  2. Designate a safe room in your facility where all individuals can gather in the event of a tornado.
  3. Practice tornado drills to ensure everyone can recognize a tornado siren and quickly move to a designated safe room.
  4. Proactively prune exterior trees and landscaping to prevent tree limbs and other items from being picked and thrown by tornado strength winds.
  5. Know the most common visual indications of a tornado, including: Dark/greenish clouds, hail, a “wall cloud” (isolated lowering of a thunderstorm’s base), funnel clouds, and a loud roaring noise.
  6. Remember: the safest place to be is underground.
  7. If a basement is not available, the next best option is a small room with no windows that is located within the interior of the building.

Commercial Matting Consultation with Eagle Mat

With El Niño in full swing, winter 2016 is proving to be a unique challenge for businesses across America. In addition to preparing for severe weather, facility managers and property owners are encouraged to keep buildings clean, dry, and safe to further minimize accidents.

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