Safety Guide: Making Stairways Safe with Stair Treads

Safety Guide- Making Stairways Safe with Stair TreadsDirt, debris, and moisture accumulation can present serious problems for commercial businesses. Walking surfaces become increasingly slippery as accumulation grows, making it more dangerous to cross the area without slipping. Debris accumulation presents an even greater danger when it occurs on stairways; accidental trips and falls are common on steps that are kept clean, and steps only become more dangerous as moisture and debris build over time.

Stair treads are a practical solution not just for their ability to provide traction, but also for their ability to reinforce the structural integrity of individual steps. Treads can make stepping surface substantially more stable, adding years of life to older, more worn stairways.

The editors of the Eagle Mat Blog have created this Safety Guide to help property owners and business managers learn more about making stairways a cleaner and safer place.

Materials: An Introduction to Rubber, Vinyl, & Aluminum

Depending on the location of the staircase, there are 3 main varieties of stair treads that can be used. High quality treads are available in rubber, vinyl, and aluminum, each of which has a unique set of benefits:

Vinyl Stair Treads: For Indoor Use

A lower cost material, vinyl stair treads are ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Vinyl provides good traction while also controlling dirt and debris accumulation. These treads are best used indoors, however, because harsh temperatures and inclement weather may cause damage.

Rubber Stair Treads: For Indoor Use

Rubber stair treads provide the best value, combining excellent performance at a modest price point. Rubber treads are available in the following traction-enhancing surface textures: Circular disc, diamond pattern, and smooth surface with grit strips.

Aluminum Stair Treads: For Outdoor Use

When it comes to improving the safety of outdoor stairways, no product does more than aluminum stair treads. These products are extremely durable and provide long-last, anti-slip protection for facility guests. Easy to install and designed with aesthetics in mind, these eye-catching stair treads feature an exclusive safety traction surface consisting of abrasive non-slip particles that provide superior grip and stability.

Stair Tread Installation Tips

Improving safety is just one reason to install stair treads. Other reasons include improving exterior appearances, upgrading stairways to conform with new elements of interior design, or using treads as a means of repairing older / worn steps. No matter what the reason for your interest in stair treads, there are several specific interesting that must be considered prior to purchase and installation:

1. Assess the situation to determine which type of stair treads are needed. Is the stairway located outdoors or indoors? How much traffic frequents the area on a daily basis? Is it worthwhile to use vibrant colors, or should neutral colors be chosen to avoid clashing with interior decor?

2. Choose the right adhesive. Depending on the type of stair tread you select, a special type of adhesive may be required.

3. Prepare each step for installation. To ensure a flush and firm fit, take care to thoroughly clean the rise, sides, and top surface of each step. In particular, be on the look out for grease, rust, paint, varnish, or other adhesives. Such debris may interfere with the bond between tread and step, compromising both stability and safety.

For additional tips and tricks from the experts, visit the Eagle Mat Rubber Stair Treads Installation Guide.

A Special Note on Landing Areas

Does your stairway have a landing area? If so, it is worthwhile to consider covering landing areas with anti-slip tiles to provide additional protection from debris accumulation and slip-and-fall accidents.

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