November Sales Event: Save on All Mats, Umbrella Stands, & More

This November, Eagle Mat and Floor Products announces a special sales event to help American business owners prepare for what’s shaping up to be an extremely cold, rainy, and treacherous winter. Throughout the United States, business owners will need to prepare for inclement weather and frigid temperatures. Fortunately, preventing slip and fall accidents is achievable with the correct training, safety protocols, and accident prevention products.

This November, all are invited to shop our online store for a special 100% Price Match Guarantee and free shipping on all products. From outdoor mats to recessed grills and automatic wet umbrella wrappers, our store features the essential products needed to prevent rain, snow, and ice accumulation from causing serious accidents.

Download the press release: Eagle Mat Launches November Safety Matting Sale [] Predicts Severe Weather this Winter

The weather experts at have delivered a word of caution to Americans about the upcoming winter weather season. In a report published in late October, long-range weather forecasters provided the latest analysis of the weather patterns likely to move through the U.S.—and the outlook wasn’t pretty. Here are a few of the main takeaways from the report:

  • Northeast and Mid Atlantic: Expect to See More Snow
  • Southeast: Expect Triple Threat of Rain, Snow, and Ice
  • Midwest: Buckle Down for Extreme Cold

Read the full report on

Preventing Slips and Falls This Winter

There are several things property owners can do to prevent slip and fall accidents this winter, including:

Review safety protocols: Every business should have a set protocol established for certain situations, and severe weather is no exception. Before winter, take time to review safety protocols with employees to ensure everyone is on the same page. Snow management places, crowd management plans, emergency evacuations, and cleaning rotations are all examples of important protocols that should be evaluated now, long before the first snowflake falls.

Inspect major traffic areas: Severe weather quickly leads to increased accumulation of rain, snow, and ice. This drives the buildup of moisture, which causes both slips as well as dangerous mold and mildew. Inspect major areas of entrance, exit, and flow within the facility to identify areas that might be especially dangerous. Smooth tile surfaces, stairways, outdoor sidewalk areas, loading docks, and wheelchair ramps are just a few examples of areas that might need extra attention.

Invest in accident prevention products: After reviewing existing safety protocols and evaluating high traffic areas, consider making investments in mats, runners, umbrella bag stands, crowd control systems, and other products designed to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Safety Product Consultation

Eagle Mat and Floor Products represents the finest in accident prevention products. Our product selection and expertise is unmatched, and it is our pleasure to assist you. For more information on commercial floor mats and other facility safety products, call customer services directly at 1-877-333-1018.