6 Gym Mat Applications That Will Surprise You

Eagle Mat and Floor Products has been serving customers in the DC Metro Area and across the United States for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve had the pleasure of creating long-lasting relationships with gyms, health spas, and wellness centers of various different sizes, all across America. We’ve learned a lot from our customers in the wellness industry, particularly that there are at least 2 major concerns for these business owners:

Safety. Gyms and fitness centers are inherently dangerous. Patrons run, jump, and move throughout the facility with heavy objects. At any time, patrons may hurt themselves— or other patrons— simply in virtue of using the facility and its equipment for their intended purposes. And although patrons must sign waivers to release gym owners from liability for injury, safety is nevertheless vital to maintaining public good will and profitable operations.

Cleanliness. Germs and bacteria spread quickly in gyms and wellness centers. Owners must remain vigilant in keeping exercise equipment, showers, locker room/changing areas, and other exercise areas clean and dry throughout the day.

Mention gym mats, and most wellness center owners will immediately think of the thick mats and tiles that are used to protect floors in free weight and core exercise areas. Although vital, those traditional gym mat applications are not the only ways that mats and tiles can improve the safety, cleanliness, and overall profitability of the gym.

6 Unusual—But Important— Places for Safety Mats at the Gym

1. At the water fountain

Most gym owners would never think to place mats at the water fountain. However, these areas are heavily trafficked and prone to water spills. Mats are particularly important when the floor beneath the water fountain is hardwood, tile, or any other smooth surface.

What to Look for: Smaller, low profile mats with a high rate of absorbency.

Recommended Product: Plush Carpet Mat

2. Behind the check-in desk

Greeters set the tone for the members’ exercise experience. Happy, smiling, and helpful staff members are the defining characteristic that separates ordinary gyms from exceptional ones. Under the right working conditions, employees can feel fresher, happier, and more productive when serving patrons.

What to Look for: Ergonomic, ant-fatigue mats that “squish” under foot, reducing the stress and strain of working long hours.

Recommended Product: Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat

3. Beneath locker room benches

Showers are not the only place where locker room mats are needed. Germs may linger in changing areas as well, especially along the floor space below lockers and benches.

What to Look for: For tiled areas, look for a rubber mat with drainage holes that will channel water down and away from patrons. This will keep walking surfaces dry and keep patrons clean after the shower.

Recommended Product: Various locker room mats are available to suit the needs of tile and carpet floors.

4. In administrative offices

If there’s an administrative office, there’s a good chance there are desks and wheeled chairs as well. Most business owners do not realize just how much damage those chairs inflict on carpeting until it’s too late.

What to Look for: Thick, durable plastic mats that adequately cover the “rolling area” behind/beneath the desk.

Recommended Product: Chair mats

5. Basketball court entryways, and other

Hardwood courts are a valuable amenity that many gyms utilize to enhance membership offers. Unfortunately, hardwood is easily damaged and expensive to repair.

What to Look for: An advanced matting product that will capture dirt, grime, and other debris before patrons enter the court.

Recommended Product: Waterhog Clean Room Sticky Mat

6. At juice bars & eating areas

Juice bars and other eating areas are prone to spills that can cause accidents. Floor mats and runners can help to control those spills, keeping walkways dry and safe for patrons who are likely to be battling post-workout fatigue.

What to Look for: Carpet mats and/or runners that cover main walkways along counters, refrigerator units, and other heavily trafficked areas.

Recommended Product: Various entrance mats and runners are available to suit the needs of any space.