Mats for Barns and Stables

Rubber mats and flooring products for barns, equestrian stalls, and other agricultural applications are an excellent investment. The floors in these structures experience a great deal of stress throughout the weeks and months, perhaps more so than small to medium sized commercial business facilities. In addition to human foot traffic, barn floors also see wear and tear from animal use, tractors, and other heavy duty agriculture equipment. Replacing floors can be costly, and it can prove especially cumbersome if livestock must be relocated to accommodate repairs.

Rubber mats, tiles, and other floor coverings are a good way to proactively prevent floor damage. Moreover, drainage-style mats and tiles deliver the added benefit of channeling and controlling rainwater and other liquids.

Why Buy Barn & Stable Mats?

You probably already have a clear reason for wanting to purchase safety products for your barn or stable. If not, our editors have compiled the following list of added benefits to illustrate just how commercial matting and tiles can improve the cleanliness and safety of your barn or stable:

1. Keep the Dirt Out. You can keep up to 60% of incoming dirt and debris from entering your barn or stable with the right set of mats. Less incoming dirt means a cleaner and safer environment inside.

2. Make Wet Areas Safer. Commercial mats and tiles are available with drainage holes and/or slots to facilitate liquid drainage.

3. Improve Safety Along Walkways. Long, dimly lit corridors are made safer with rubber runner mats. Runners are also available in drainage styles for corridors along stalls and other wet areas.

4. Cover Unique Spaces. Mats and tiles are not just for entryways and corridors. With interlocking rubber tiles, you can cover unique spaces simply by piecing together individual tiles, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

5. Add Comfort to Work Areas. For workrooms and other areas where a majority of time is spent standing, anti-fatigue mats keep things cushy and comfortable. These mats “squish” underfoot and make it easier to work for long hours.

6. Protect Cellar Floors from Corrosive Spills. Garage mats and tiles might be most popular in the auto industry, but they make the perfect addition to any cellar or barn where tractors and other heavy machinery are stores. Simply sweep the floor clean and install by hand to form a seamless protective layer that will keep oils, anti freeze, and other corrosive agents from ruining your concrete.

Learn More About Mats and Tiles for Barns

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