Keeping Walkways Safe

keeping-walkways-safeFrom floor mats to crowd control and signage, there are a number of important things to think about when it comes to improving facilities to enhance customer service and sales this fall. To keep costs in check, many businesses and property owners find it helpful to take a more holistic view of the facility and overall operations goals to identify and prioritize areas of improvement.

As a commercial flooring and safety matting company, we know that an estimated $13 billion is lost each year to slip and fall related accidents (source: Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index). It is our recommendation that businesses start with the basics and evaluate the property’s most commonly trafficked walkways to identify potentially dangerous areas.

Following walkway evaluation, businesses can turn their attention to improving other elements of customer service to increase customer experience, service, and revenue.

Keeping Walkways Safe

The first thing to evaluate are the walkways that both employees and guests will use. This includes outdoor walkways as well as entryways, hallways corridors, and other commonly trafficked indoor areas. Commercial floor mats, runners, and modular tiles are to be used to protect floor surfaces, control moisture accumulation, and keep facilities clean.

Here are a few basic questions to ask when thinking about keeping floors clean and safe this fall:

Do floor mats need a professional cleaning? Over time, mats accumulate debris and moisture that cannot be removed by an ordinary vacuum. It is recommended that mats receive a professional deep clean every 4-6 weeks, which varies depending on the individual locations.

Does the mat need replaced? Over time, floor mats lose functionality as they become worn over time. A regular professional cleaning can significantly extend the lifetime of the mats, as explained above. However, mats should be replaced when they become chipped, torn, or start to slide after the rubber backing has worn out.

Are additional mats needed? As the weather changes, consider investing in additional mats to keep the elements at bay. An extra set of rubber or polypropylene mats during the fall and winter months can go a long way in keeping facilities cleaner, healthier, and more professional in appearance.

Enhancing Customer Service

After evaluating the most heavily trafficked walkways of the facility, businesses may consider additional investments that improve overall customer experience and service. Here are a couple things to consider:

Anti-fatigue mats make it more comfortable for employees to stand for long hours. Use these at service centers, standing desks, workstations, security stations, and other places where employee focus and positive demeanor are important.

Crowd control ropes and stanchions make it easier for businesses to service large crowds of customers, especially during sales events and holidays. Invest in these to improve the rate at which customers are assisted, and earn big when it comes to customer satisfaction and revenue.

Floor Mat Consultation

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