Indispensable Gym Mats

Indispensable Gym MatsYou absolutely positively have to have mats for your exercise area. Why? Because they protect the floor, and they protect anyone in the room doing exercise. Gym mats provide a soft place to land—literally—for anyone running, jumping, skipping or hopping. They protect the floor from heavyweights that are dropped and provide traction and a soft surface that is easier on a person’s joints. Gym mats also dampen vibrations and noise.

Normally gym mats are used in gymnasiums, weight rooms or any exercise area, but they also have other applications.

Other Applications for Gym Mats

Consider using them for yoga centers, dance studios, a child’s playroom, pet areas like doggie daycare, or even in stables where animals have to stand in one place for a long time to be groomed.

Easy Care

These types of mats are extremely tough and durable. They’re made of rubber and can easily be cleaned with everyday soap and water.

All Types

We have all the different types of gym mats. We have roll goods for large areas, smaller individual mats, and interlocking tiles, as well.

Our Everlast gym mats are the industry standard. They come in 21 different colors and two different thicknesses. These mats are made of 100% recycled rubber and are virtually indestructible. They are available for sectional or wall-to-wall applications.

Mega Lock Gym Tiles are especially useful for an awkward layout or changing footprint, as they can be arranged or rearranged as necessary. They are bacteria-resistant and come in eight different colors. They will not mark the floor if you choose to move them around.

If you want to keep your exercise area extra clean, we have Carpeted Gym Floor Sticky Mats. These mats have a disposable sticky sheet (you can order refills) to remove debris from people’s shoes before entering the exercise area.

If exercise is your business, then make sure the flooring has appropriate rubber mats as needed. Get ready for 2018 with a spiffy and safe flooring.

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