Fall Product Spotlight: Recessed Grill Pedimat

Recessed Grill PedimatThe Eagle Mat Blog Fall Product Spotlight continues this week with a look at one of the industry’s toughest ad most effective entrance matting systems: The Recessed Grill Pedimat. In a season when rain, snow, and rock salt congest entryways and soil interiors, the Pedimat is an effective product that maintains only the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Durable, reliable, and fully customizable, the Pedimat is designed to lie flush with the ground and is available in a range of vibrant colors to compliment most elements of pre-existing decor. For businesses that receive heavy visitor traffic and/or variable weather, no product does more to prevent dangerous conditions, accidents, and liability.

Why Choose a Grill Mat?

Entrance matting system must be chosen based on facility needs. Things like visitor traffic, weather, and internal cleanliness needs each play a vital role in selecting a system that will be effective. One one end of the spectrum are storefront operations that receive very few guests, are located in a temperate climate, and have no special needs for facility cleanliness. Such business locations may accomplish safety, hygiene, and risk prevention goals with simple carpet entrance mats.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, are large facilities that experience a great degree of visitor flow. Perhaps the facility is located in an environment that experiences heavy rainfall, massive snow accumulation, or tropical rainstorms– each of which presents a unique safety concern that may change depending on the season. These facilities may also have unique hygiene needs, such as hospitals with designated areas that are to remain sterile and contaminate free at all times.

Recessed grill mats are a heavy-duty entrance matting system that are designed to meet the needs of the latter.

These systems are comprised of two main portions: The walking surface, and the underlying recess. The walking surface consists of alternating aluminum slats and inserts. Inserts are available in carpet, carbide grits, corrugate vinyl, and serrated aluminum. Between the alternating slats are hollow slots, just large enough to allow high volumes of debris and moisture to pass through into the underlying recess. The underlying recess then collects the debris, serving as a “catch all” that prevents excessive rainwater, snow, rock salt, and other environmental debris from forming dangerous conditions for guests.

Tips for Installation & Maintenance

The editors of the Eagle Mat Blog have compiled the following tips to help your business get the most out of whichever recessed grill mat you choose:

1. Examine the cost/benefit of installation. In the right scenario, the installation of of a recessed grill mat pays large dividends over time. The Pedimat in particular is known to trap up to 60% of all incoming debris. This translates to safer entry ways as well as improvements in indoor air quality, among other hygiene metrics.

2. Customize to meet your needs. Grill mats are available in custom lengths, widths, inserts, and colors. Design your Pedimat to meet the aesthetic needs of your entryway according to size, color, texture, and more.

3. Surface-mounted applications are available. You do not need a recess to take advantage of the benefits of a recessed grill Pedimat. The Pedimat– along with the Pedigrid and Peditred alternatives– are each available in a surface-mounted application that rests on top of the surface of the floor.

4. Clean regularly. The recessed compartment of the Pedimat must be cleaned regularly. Failing to clean regularly may result in a decline in function over time. It may also promote the growth of bacteria, depending on how long moisture is left to accumulate. To prevent this, roll back the surface of the Pedimat and clean it with an industrial-grade vacuum (i.e. ShopVac).

Complimentary Consultation, Now Available This Fall!

This fall, Eagle Mat and Floor Products offers complimentary consultation on all recessed grill mat products. Learn more about the Pedimat, Peditred, and Pedigrid systems by visiting our Recessed Grill Mats online store or calling customer services directly at toll free 1-877-333-1018.