Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor MatsHave you ever wondered what exactly are the differences between indoor and outdoor mats? The differences can be obvious or they can be subtle. Let’s take a look at them.


Outdoor mats have to withstand temperatures extremes that indoor mats do not, whether it’s freezing cold winters or blistering hot summers. Outdoor mats may also spend long hours in the direct sun, so fade-resistance is a good idea.


Since the public will come in contact with an outdoor mat before an indoor mat, outdoor mats will be the first line of defense against water, snow, ice, dirt, mud, and debris. That means that you want your outdoor mats to be extremely easy to clean and very efficient at channeling away dirt and water.

For example, Tire Link Door Mats are virtually indestructible and provide easy cleaning by just hosing them off. They are made of recycled rubber and are great at quickly removing dirt and debris from shoes.

Surface Design

The indoor mat is the last line of defense before the public enters your premises. This means that once you have removed the bulk of dirt and water from shoes, you want your indoor mat to try to remove the rest of any dirt before customers or clients take that dirt everywhere.

A Classic Brush mat has a specific surface design that will aggressively wipe the bottoms of shoes to remove all the dirt. When appropriate mats remove all the remaining dirt from shoes, that dirt is not tracked through your commercial space damaging interior floors.

The mat’s surface design should also dry the person’s shoes as much as possible. Wet shoes mean wet floors, and wet floors are slippery floors—the last thing you need.

Waterhog mats are a great example of a mat that pulls moisture away from the surface of the mat to help an individual walk away with dry shoes.

Always inspect your mats to make sure they are in good shape, and replace them if needed. You want your mats to add to your building’s safety, not create a slip or trip hazard. And make sure you have some mats for your commercial space before the snow falls.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you choose, let us help you select the best commercial mats and flooring for your commercial space. Do you have other questions? Are you not sure what you need? It’s easy to contact us, and we’re happy to help you. You can always call us at (877) 333-1018 or email us at sales@eaglemat.com for more information.