As Southeastern States Are Hit by Snow, Eagle Mat Offers Snow Management Tips

As many as 6 states in the Southeastern United States have declared a state of emergency after unprecedented snowstorm causes major shutdowns. In Virginia, local communities see blankets of snow and dangerous ice. In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal has ordered troopers to retrieve students who were stranded because of treacherous roads. The effects of the storm can be felt as far west as Texas, where local merchants say they are bracing for “icy Friday” despite the short-lived 80 degree temperatures felt earlier in the week.

With so much snow and ice falling at such an alarming and abrupt pace, business owners are wise to follow a few tips for keeping premises safe for visitors.

Tips for Snow and Ice Management

Eagle Mat has published the following guide to creating a snow and ice management plan. Tips include:

1. Remain proactive in clearing snow and ice from parking lots, sidewalks, outdoor stairways, and other points of access.

2. Designate an individual to monitor points of access throughout the day, making sure that new snow and ice are cleared regularly. Post signs to warn guests of particularly slick areas.

3. Make sure entryways remain clean, dry, and safe. If using polypropylene mats outdoors, use a snow shovel to clear the snow and ice from them. Within vestibules, mop excessive moisture from melted snow and sweep rock salt deposits. If using carpet “wiper” mats, make sure they remain properly rolled-out and flat to the floor.

Stay Safe This Winter

Keep facilities clean, dry, and safe throughout the winter with commercial-grade matting and flooring products available exclusively on Remain proactive in accident prevention, and avoid serious injury to guests.

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