4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Pool Mats Need Replacing

pool matsMemorial Day is quickly approaching, prompting an anxious countdown to the recurrent and universal opening of water parks and pools. Summer is the season for aquatic fun, but the main caveat of offering such amusement involves a great deal of responsibility for patron safety. Unfortunately, pools are high-risk zones for slips, trips and falls (STFs) that can lead to serious harm, including sprains, breaks, spinal cord, traumatic brain injuries and drowning.

Pool mats are essential to minimizing slipping hazards in wet areas around swimming areas. With time, pool mats need replenishing to retain their effectiveness. To prepare for the imminent foot traffic at pools or waterparks, consider the following signs that your pool mats have reached their lifespan.


Pool mats that easily glide back and forth are usually lacking proper adhesion to the ground surface beneath. When mats are a slipping hazard in and of themselves, it’s time to consider replacement.


If the surface of your pool mat appears discolored or bleached, it’s likely due to age. Over time, the sun and other outdoor elements wear down the aesthetics of even the most durable mats. Fading is a good indication of a worn-out mat that might be lacking in practicality for slip and fall prevention.

Broken Edges

Most commercial floor mats feature edging to keep them in place while also allowing for excess moisture and debris control. It’s normal for edging to deteriorate with time, but letting patrons walk across insecure or fragmented mats is hazardous.

Surface Damage

Commercial-grade mats have surface designs that provide traction – especially around the pool, where the odds of slipping are much higher. For instance, vinyl sponge pool mats feature a “spaghetti string” loop pattern that’s comfortable to the touch, yet aptly-designed for better grip when walking. If the surface is too soft and/or matted down, an aged pool mat may not provide the vital slip prevention that every aquatic facility needs.

To replace your worn-out pool mats and provide customers with a superior, safer experience this summer, contact Eagle Mat customer representatives at 877-333-1018.