Q&A: Property Liability for Homeowners

Q&A: Property Liability for HomeownersAs a homeowner, safeguarding your property from potential liabilities is vital for you and your family’s emotional and financial wellbeing. While you may not see as much foot traffic as a small business or retail shop, your guests’ safety is your responsibility as soon as they step on your property. And with Halloween quickly approaching, keeping your front yard free of hazards for trick-or-treaters is highly imperative.

Here are a few common questions regarding accidents at home, and the answers to help educate homeowners and renters on premise liability. Important Disclaimer: This article has not been written by a legal professional, and it is not intended to provide legal advice. Laws may vary by state and local municipality. To ensure compliance with all state and federal laws, readers are advised to contact a licensed attorney.

Q: What is Premise Liability?

A: Premise liability has three separate factions: homeowner liability, renter/landlord liability, and business owner liability. All three sections mandate property owners to keep their buildings and landscapes safe for guests and customers. Otherwise, individuals and businesses are subject to lawsuits and financial repercussions.

Q: Am I Covered through Homeowners’ Insurance?

A: Typically, homeowners’ insurance policies provide limited coverage for personal injury or damages. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prevent injuries – especially because making claims is time-consuming and not always 100 percent covered. Overall, someone suffering an injury at your home is emotionally draining for both parties.

Q: How Can I Prevent Potential Homeowner Liability Lawsuits?

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