Commercial Matting and Flooring Review: Increasing Productivity

In our last installment of Commercial Matting and Flooring Review, we explored cost effective ways for business and property owners to use floor mats to reduce liability.  In today’s installment, we will look at specific types of matting that not only reduce the potential for liability, but also increase productivity in the workplace.  Termed Anti-Fatigue Mats, these inexpensive flooring products turn most workspaces into comfortable environments that reduce muscle stress and fatigue.  Fatigue-fighting comfort, in turn, keeps employees alert, productive, and efficacious throughout the day.

Why Do We Feel Fatigued?

Before addressing the solution, let’s first identify the problem:  muscle fatigue.

Fatigue results from dwindling energy.  Because it may be mental or physical, fatigue is a problem for those who work in both physically and mentally exerting atmospheres.  No matter the industry or line of work, fatigue has the ability to decrease both productivity and morale among workers.  Businesses suffer when their employees suffer, making the problem of worker fatigue worthy of attentive consideration.

Prolonged muscle contraction is the primary cause of dwindling energy, and thus fatigue.  As an example, consider how standing for long periods of time requires the contraction of millions of muscle fibers.  These fibers run throughout the feet, legs, and well into the lower back and neck.  Constant contraction of these muscles creates the sensation of tension from head-to-toe.  This muscle tension inhibits natural blood flow and causes the heart to beat faster and more forcefully to maintain natural levels of oxygen and nutrient distribution.  This triggers a cascade of side effects including cramping, pain, discomfort, and loss of energy.  As energy decreases, corresponding decreases in mental focus and muscular strength also occur.

Is Anti-Fatigue Matting the Solution?

Combating fatigue means stimulating muscles to allow blood to flow throughout the body in a free and natural manner.   Anti-Fatigue Mats are a solution in this regard as they have a unique construction that allows for subtle flexibility.  Anti-Fatigue Matting varies in construction but generally consists of multiple horizontal layers stacked one on top of the other.  Each layer differs in texture and flexibility, creating an overall soft surface that compresses under pressure.  It is important to note that these stacked layers are internal; Anti-Fatigue Mats appear to be only 1 solid mat.

Compression is the key characteristic of any Anti-Fatigue Mat.  It causes the mat to contract, and it never yields a truly flat surface on which to stand.  Muscles must flex at random intervals to remain balanced, alleviating tension and increasing blood flow through the muscles of the feet, legs, back, and neck.  This produces two main benefits that help employees throughout the workday:  it conserves energy by making it easier for the heart to circulate blood through the body’s core and into its extremities.  Moreover, it increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the major organ systems.  This has a direct impact on performance in areas of both mental and physical performance, supplying major organs and muscle groups with the fundamental nutrients needed to function with maximum effectiveness.

A Guide to Anti-Fatigue Mats

There are many styles of Anti-Fatigue Mats from which to choose:

Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mats:  a popular choice among commercial facilities, these mats come with a unique marble textured surface that is stylish and aesthetically pleasing.  Our collection of Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mats also features bacteria-killing Anti-Microbial Technology to keep workplaces clean.

Ultra Soft Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mats:  built for heavy duty use, these Anti-Fatigue Mats are great for use in industrial production facilities, loading docks, and other areas of heavy freight traffic.  This line of matting also features a diamond-design on the surface to increase traction and safety.

Corrugated Spongecote Anti-Fatigue Mat:  a unique combination of Nitrile rubber and PVC make this Anti-Fatigue mat an economically viable option that provides excellent support and comfort.

These are just a few of the high quality commercial matting products available online at  You may browse our entire collection by visiting our Anti-Fatigue Mats online store today!