Top 4 Mats for Snow Days

The meaning of ’Snow Day’ has transformed since the Polar Vortex hit. Now, it seems each week has a couple snow days, even if they don’t mean school delays and cancelations. We’re in the midst of an unseasonably cold and treacherous winter, which is why snow, ice, and accident prevention are on the minds of almost every property owner and facility manager along the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.

Fortunately, frigid temperatures do not have to mean slips, falls, and damages. Property owners can quickly gauge the safety of their building be performing 3 essential tasks:

1. Conduct a safety risk assessment.

A risk assessment is a comprehensive analysis of a particular area that aims to identify all potentially hazardous elements. Hazards can be as obvious as moving machinery, or as subtle as an uneven transition in the floor. In any event, risk assessment uncovers these dangerous “liability pitfalls” so they can be proactively neutralized.

2. Assign certain tasks to specific individuals.

When it comes to facility maintenance, is your team being used to its full potential? After completing a risk assessment, management must follow-up by tasking certain individuals with specific cleaning and maintenance responsibilities. Shoveling snow, salting sidewalks, and checking floodlights are 3 examples of critical tasks for outdoor areas. Mopping up puddles and sweeping away salt accumulation in vestibules are 2 additional examples of critical tasks for indoor areas.

3. Invest in safety products.

An alarming number of all commercial property accidents are caused by poorly maintained floor surfaces, according to American insurance companies. In addition to identifying hazards and keeping heavily trafficked areas clean (1 and 2 above), managers must replace worn out floor mats and invest in new products

Best Mats for Snow

The editors of the Eagle Mat Blog recommend the following commercial floor mats, based on material, resiliency, and slip resistance:

Rubber scraper mats: Aggressively cleans rock salt and debris from shoes. Also “squeegees” excessive moisture from shoes’ soles prior to entry.

Recessed Pedimat: Pedimats are ideal for heavily trafficked facilities and those located in areas that experience a great deal of precipitation. The underlying (recessed) compartment serves as a reservoir for both large debris and moisture, stopping an estimated 60% of all incoming contaminants before they have the chance to circulate through the facility.

Carpet mats: Used inside entryways, carpet mats provide a large area on which guests can wipe remaining moisture from their shoes. This creates the “grip” that visitors will feel as they continue through the building, safely and comfortably.

Logo Mats: Like carpet mats (above), logo mats are critical in controlling moisture and making guests feel safe. Logo mats are available in carpet, rubber, and vinyl varieties. Ideal for businesses that want to make a positive first impression, these customizable mats greet customers with a branded message each time they enter the building.

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