Tips for Improving IAQ in Your Facility

Do floor mats affect air quality in a commercial facility? More specifically, do recessed grill mats pick up a large amount of debris at the entryway? These questions were asked by Eagle Mat, because air quality has become an issue of much discussion in the workplace.

Bacteria and mold can easily run rampant in the right conditions. When an office has poor air quality, there are usually a large number of complaints about employee health problems. Complaints tend to include allergies, headaches, and breathing issues. When employees are ill, their work suffers. If a business can improve air quality, it can lead to improved employee health and an increase in overall productivity.

The best way to prevent debris from circulating within a building is to trap it directly at the entrance before it can even get inside The more debris that is trapped before it becomes airborne, the better chance that a facility will have good air quality and therefore, the healthier the workplace will be.  While most businesses purchase commercial floor mats to keep employees and patron safe from trips and falls, Eagle Mat decided to examine whether quality flooring also contributes to better air quality.

The Eagle Mat IAQ Case Study chose to test one of their top selling floor mats- the 7/16” Recessed Grill Pedimat- to determine its impact on cleanliness and to discover just how well debris was able to be kept out of a facility. The longitudinal study, conducted in the spring of 2011, took place in an eating establishment in Western Pennsylvania. The study measured three factors both with and without the Pedimat to determine the mat’s effect. They tested to see:

  1. How much actual debris becomes trapped by the Pedimat?
  2. What is the difference in the restaurant’s air quality with and without the mat?
  3. Does the mat affect the amount of time needed to clean the facility?

The results showed that Pedimat, the top seller of Eagle Mat’s recessed grill mats, held back 51.39% of the debris and the need for cleaning was greatly diminished. Floor mats do prevent debris from entering a business establishment.

In addition to quality mats such as the Recessed Grill Pedimat, there are other things that commercial facilities can do improve indoor air quality:

  • All heating systems should be maintained on a regular basis. It is a lot easier to find a potential problem before it becomes a serious issue than to deal with the ramifications later.
  • Keep temperatures set at appropriate levels. Many offices are set to pour steady streams of heat into work areas, which adds to poor air circulation.
  • Change heating filters frequently. Dirty filters won’t pick up dust, mold, and toxins that they are designed to catch. Also check to see that you are using a good quality filter. Cheap filters will cost more in the long run.
  • Keep doors and windows open when possible. The best way to keep air circulating is to let in outside air. It’s not always an option but should be considered.
  • Purchase non-toxic cleaning supplies. Many cleaning supplies contain dangerous toxins that get trapped in the air. It becomes even more dangerous during the winter months, when doors and windows are sealed and there is poor ventilation.
  • Smoking should never be allowed in the workplace.

Recessed grill mats can help protect air quality in a business facility, which makes them a great choice for entryway mats. Combining one of the top quality recessed grill mats from Eagle Mat with the additional safety tips, can go a long way to keeping employees healthy and increasing productivity.