Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention at Work

According to NSC Injury Facts, slip and fall accidents are a leading cause for emergency room visits, accounting to nearly 9 million visits in the United States in 2011. Statistics gathered by Liberty Mutual paint a likewise gloomy picture, demonstrating that slip and fall accidents in the workplace cost American businesses an estimated $13 billion during the year 2008 alone.

Common Ways to Prevent Slip, Trip, & Fall

The following situations represent many of the most common scenarios in which a slip, trip, or fall may occur in the home or office. Use the list below to identify hazardous conditions in these areas. Then, improve safety using the suggestions from our editors, before they have the chance to cause an injury.

1. Doorways

Use scraper mats outside doorways to remove dirt and debris from shoes. Also use carpet wiper mats inside doorways to absorb incoming moisture.

2. Ramps and Sidewalks

Line ramps with grit strips to improve traction. Keep sidewalks swept, and power-wash to remove thick dirt deposits when necessary.

3. Cluttered Walkways

Alert maintenance personal of heavily trafficked areas that need to remain free and clear of obstacles like boxes, power cords, and other tripping hazards.

4. Uneven Floor Transitions

Identify areas along walkways that have an uneven transition or lip. Alert pedestrians to the uneven transition with signage and brightly colored grit strips or caution decals. A thick mat can also be used to cover the transition; however, signage and decals should still be used to keep pedestrians alerted to the underlying transition/lip.

5. Wet Areas

Bars, drink stations, water coolers, drinking fountains, and other food service areas are prone to liquid spills and accumulation. Use rubber drainage mats in these areas to improve traction while also facilitating drainage.

6. Stairs, Stairwells, & Landings

Use stair treads to improve traction and stability on each step. Rubber/vinyl work well indoors, however rubber or aluminum should be used outdoors. Additional rubber tiles and sheets are available to cover landings.

Slip and Fall Prevention Consultation

To learn more about commercial floor mats and accident prevention, call Eagle Mat Client Services at 1-877-333-1018. Our team is standing by to share product information, specifications, and more to help your facility become a safer place.