Save on Crowd Control This December

This December, save on all rope, stanchion, and retractable belt crowd control systems on Whether preparing for a busy holiday season or simply re-vamping crowd management protocols, every retail business owner has something to gain by re-evaluating the role of crowd control plays in promoting in-store safety.

This year marks the 5th year since the tragic death of an elderly man who was trampled to death at the start of a Black Friday sale at a well-known mega-retailer. And while the shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been notorious for unruly crowds, the past 5 years have seen a marked increase in awareness for crowd control specifically.

OSHA Urges Retailers to Invest in Crowd Control

“The busy shopping season should not put retail workers at risk of being injured or killed,” Dr. David Michaels stated in an announcement made by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

In each of the 5 years that has followed the death of the elderly employee mentioned above, OSHA has released announcement and safety guidelines to help retailers better plan for the busy holiday shopping season.

“OSHA urges retailers to take the time to adopt a crowd management plan,” states this year’s press release and safety advisory. For more, readers may visit the U.S. Department of Labor press release online.

OSHA Crowd Control Tips

In addition to investing in crowd control systems, OSHA urges retailers to develop comprehensive crowd management plans that are geared towards protecting both shoppers and employees. According to OSHA, such plans should include the following:

  1. Trained security personnel to monitor crowds on-site. Retailers should also consider hiring police officers, depending on anticipated shopper turnout.
  2. Development of line queues that do not start directly in front of the store’s entrance.
  3. Plans to set-up line queues well ahead of customer arrival (including ropes, stanchions, retractable belt systems, and barricades).
  4. Emergency response plans for likely incidents.
  5. Signs, greeters, PA systems, and other tools to assist in routing customers as they arrive, enter, and shop.
  6. Employees/ security personnel to prevent customers from blocking all entryways.
  7. Employees/ security personnel who will monitor in-flow and stop customers from entering once store has reached capacity.

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