Proactive Accident Prevention: Entrances and Hallways

Accidents in the workplace can be prevented.  These incidents can be avoided with the proper proactive safety precautions that protect everyone in a work environment.  Mindful property owners and business take the time to assess the risks within their premises in order to take the necessary measures to promote a safe and protected facility.  Because of sizable foot traffic on a daily basis, entrances and hallways need to be prioritized in any accident prevention plan.

Safety measures for entry ways and hallways can be overlooked in favor of significantly more harmful locations within facilities.  An imbalanced level of significant care could be given to areas in areas where heavy and delicate machinery are present, at the expense of entrance and hallway accident prevention.  While the level of loss is high in these areas, the likelihood of occurrence is often low, especially given the level of risk management in order to prevent incidents and protect workers.   On the other hand, the level of loss in slip and falls at entrances and hallways are considerably low, yet the probability of an incident occurring is often high.

Accident Prevention for Entrances and Hallways

Promoting a safe environment in any facility is the utmost priority.  Facility managers take care to address the issues within their premises to protect everyone including visitors from injury, property owners from extensive liability claims, and property damage.  A majority of people underestimate the damage of a simple “slip-and-fall” incident.  Yet, as most professionals know, these accidents should not be taken lightly.

The condition of the floor at entryways and hallways must be put in consideration in order to provide sufficient care in order to limit the risk of a “slips” and “falls” in the entrances.  Facilities managers should take active preventative measures to reduce the risks of these accidents.

The Mechanics of a Fall

Slip and fall accidents are considered the most common liability claims in the workplace.  Businesses must take care diminish their occurrence or at least provide protection so that accidents would be prevented.

According to The Bureau of State Risk Management, slip and falls occur because of loss of traction and a low coefficient of friction to secure footing.  These incidents can be prevented if facilities managers and property owners invest in passive prevention measures in addition to active safety management precautions.

Invest in an Entrance Mat

Because entrances and hallways are subjected to heavy foot traffic during business hours, entrance mats are essential to any business operation.  Investing in entrance floor mats ensure property owners that they have taken steps for necessary care that covers the safety of their visitors.

The property owners’ responsibilities of necessary care include facility maintenance and passive preventative measures.  Entrance mats wick off debris, moisture, germs, and allergens, minimizing the risk of an accident.  These external forces greatly affect footing stability by reducing the level of friction that secures a person walking.

Entrance areas welcome a variety of visitors on a daily basis from various locations and weather conditions.  It is paramount that buildings have clean entrances and hallways to maintain the optimum level of friction at all times.   Floor maintenance throughout the day can be an arduous task for any maintenance technician.  Measures, like entrance mats, can reduce the level of debris and moisture that visitors track in from the outdoors.   In addition to its safety purpose, these entrance floor mats add aesthetic flair to any vestibule.  Entrances and hallways serve as the initial face of the premises, so they must be presentable, sanitized, and appealing to the eye.

What is the Right Entrance Mat?

Entrance mats come in a variety of types, material, and colors.  Most mats can also be personalized to carry the company logo.  Most floor mats are easily maintained and installed, heavy duty quality, and will survive the rigors of daily use.  Eagle Mat offers a variety of mats for every kind of business operation. For complimentary consultation, please contact us online.

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