Preventing Accidents with Recessed Floor Mats

In every commercial establishment, floor of entrances and hallways are the most difficult to maintain and sanitize throughout the day.  The high volume of visitors track in various debris and moisture inside the building, leading to very slippery conditions that increase the risk of accidents.  The responsibility of accident prevention, which includes floor maintenance, often falls on facilities managers and property owners.  They must provide a safe environment for their visitors and employees at all times in order to reduce their liability.

Premises liability compensations cost businesses over millions of dollars in losses and physical injuries.  Business must take care to assess their facilities for potential hazards and do their best to avoid probable accidents within their premises.  Issues of liability often happen when the property owner fail to perform a reasonable amount of care for their property.  The responsibility of care includes facility maintenance and accident prevention.

Accident Prevention is Possible!

Although it is difficult to predict all the possible scenarios of any given accident, property owners can be assured that there are preventative measures that can minimize the occurrence of accidents in their facilities, especially in entrances and hallways.

In a study conducted by Eagle Mat and Products, entrances can accumulate a large amount of debris that can be hazardous to visitors.  If an accident should happen, premises owners are held responsible for the safety of the people within their facilities.  It is important that a thorough risk assessment is performed to address the potential hazards and precautionary needs of any given aspect of the premises.

The Recessed Floor Mat Solution

Commercial establishments, especially restaurants and retail stores, welcome a large volume of foot traffic during operational hours on a daily basis.  Because multitudes of visitors come and go throughout the day, it becomes difficult to maintain a clean and dry floor.  Proper sanitation is prioritized in these establishments because it impacts their image greatly.

Recessed floor mats are simply cost-reductive investments that could solve issues of sanitation maintenance in a high foot traffic location of any business.  Installing a recessed floor mat solution answers plenty of issues regarding the prolonged exposure of vestibules to a large volume of visitors that drag in debris and allergens to the floor, compromising its coefficient of friction, making it slippery and dangerous.

The benefits of a recessed grill mat include reduced debris and moisture due to its specialized feature of trapping these unwanted elements beneath the surface.  Grill floor mats wicks off dirt and safely contains them on a lower level, preventing them from entering the air ventilation system.

Facility Improvements of Recessed Floor Mats

According to Eagle Mat’s study on “Improving Indoor Air Quality,” recessed grill mats improve the level of cleanliness and floor sanitation by trapping the majority of the dirt below the surface, minimizing the debris that could cause an accident.  Growing in popularity with engineers and architects, recessed grill floor mats protect the surface without causing people to trip because they remain flushed on the same level as the floor.

Using a recessed floor mat helps reduce maintenance worker hours and overall reduces the level of soil that needs to be cleaned-up.  The reduction of maintenance hours facilitates a more efficient business by cutting down excess cost for floor sanitation.  Workers will be able to focus on more important tasks instead of worrying about floor cleanliness.

Recessed Floor Mat: A Preventative Measure

Accidents in heavy trafficked area can be prevented.  Choosing to mount an entrance floor mat like recessed grill mats will greatly reduce the debris that could cause slippery floor hazards.  A properly installed and maintained floor mat represents a reasonable level of care required from property owners.  Recessed grill mats help diminishes the risk of hazards in the vestibules and protects owners from large liability costs incurred in accident litigation.  These floor mats are a logical choice in addressing safety issues in high traffic areas.


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