Making Outdoor Stairways Safe with Aluminum Stair Treads

Stairs exposed outdoors pose greater risks for facility guests because they are more exposed to weather conditions and external elements like dirt, rain, snow, moisture, and other things that can make the stairs wet, slippery, and dangerous. This is why stairways that are located outdoors require more maintenance and careful planning in order to reduce the potential for accidental slip and fall. One way to make outdoor stairways less dangerous to users is by installing weatherproof stair treads that are capable of keeping each stepping surface relatively dry and coarse.

There are different materials used in making stair treads. For outdoor applications, one of the most popular and widely used materials is aluminum. This material is perfect for outdoor use because it can withstand outdoor elements that can usually cause problems to outdoor stairways. Some of the main advantages of aluminum stair treads are:

  • Very durable and resistant to outdoor conditions compared to vinyl and rubber stair treads.
  • It is available in many sizes and colors making stairs not only more visible but also good-looking.
  • Manufacturers also offer custom designs and sizes to exactly match the specifications of your stairway.
  • It can be easily fixed especially for aluminum stair treads that are designed for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Aluminium stair treads are designed with anti-slip features improving the safety of the stairs.
  • It can also reduce noise from foot traffic.
  • Expanded metal treads made of aluminum are also more affordable than other materials like carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • Aluminum stairway treads are also lightweight and very attractive improving the overall appearance of the outdoor stairs.

Outdoor stairways with aluminum stair treads are very essential especially for buildings and establishments with very heavy traffic. Aside from the moisture, dirt and small particles can also cause problems in the steps. Stair treads with non-slip features properly cover smooth and slippery surfaces as well as stair surfaces with holes and damages that require covering. No need to spend thousands of dollars for repair and reconstruction since aluminum stair treads effectively covers these imperfections making it safe and conducive for heavy traffic.

Some of the most common places with outdoor stairways where aluminum stair treads are installed are in apartment buildings with outdoor stairways, condominiums, hospitals, schools, amusement parks, manufacturing facilities, various offices, and public establishments. Aluminum stair treads can be fitted and installed to cover the stairways made of concrete, wood, slate, or even marble. The wonderful thing about aluminum material is that it can be shaped and manufactured specifically to match the area or kind of application it is required. Aluminum is very versatile making it appropriate for various purposes like outdoor stairway treads.

Shopping for Stair Treads Online

If you need an outdoor aluminum stair treads for your outdoor stairs in the office or at home, be sure to research available styles and designs. With a bit of planning, vibrant colors and textures can be chosen to match pre-existing decor with minimal disruption and maximum aesthetics. At Eagle Mat and Floor Products, we specialize in providing a variety of indoor / outdoor safety products for stairways. Our online store features treads made from commercial-grade rubber, vinyl, and aluminum, as well as stair cove risers and anti-slip tiles for landing areas.

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