Make a Positive Impression with Retail Customers

Shoppers almost immediately form some sort of first impression upon entering a retail space. This impression can greatly affect their future shopping experience in a specific store. It can also mean the difference between whether or not they will return to spend additional money with the retail establishment. A large part of a shopper’s first impression is based upon their interaction with the store environment, which means it is extremely important to maintain a clean and safe retail space.

The first thing a shopper encounters when entering a store is the entryway. Entrance mats help to create an aesthetically pleasing image. Mats are available in a wide array of materials, including rubber, vinyl, carpet, and Polypropylene. While carpet mats are recommended for indoor use only, the other materials are ideal for inside and outside of an entryway.  Entrance mats provide different levels of durability, functionality, and aesthetics depending on the material and cost. Regardless, commercial entrance mats take a lot of wear and tear and need to be up to the task.

One of the most popular lines of entrance floor mats is developed by Waterhog. The entrance mats are made of Polypropylene, a strong material that provides functionality both indoors and outdoors. The mats come in a choice of many different colors.  Waterhog floor mats are known for their special nub-like protrusions that aggressively capture dirt and debris, which in turn keep stores clean. In addition, Waterhog offers a Logo mat to create a branding image when customers enter a store.

The Waterhog logo mat is not the only safety mat that can be customized with a logo, however. The Graphic Impressions Logo Mat is printed by high-quality digital printers to ensure crisp designs and vibrant colors with any company logo. When customers approach a retail establishment, they will appreciate the aesthetics of any store with an attractive logo in the entrance.

Logo mats are made using modern printing techniques that include color shading, color fading, unique colors, detailed imagery, and 3-Dimensional images. The backs of the Logo mats are made with skid-resistant 100% Nitrile rubber to keep them in place. Anti-static materials keep electrostatic shocks at bay.

Weather is another thing retail business owners must consider, as it may drastically affect both safety and the aesthetics of the entryway and shop. Businesses in climates that experience a great deal of rainfall may again turn to the Waterhog product line. Waterhog mats are designed to collect water, featuring a unique border capable of holding up to 1.5 gallons of water per sq. yard. That keeps a lot of water outside where it belongs instead of inside where it becomes a safety issue.

Yet what about customers who are carrying wet umbrellas?

Enter: Wet Umbrella Bag Stands.

When customers have a place to put their umbrellas, it also keeps rainwater from dripping all over the store. Not only is the customer stopped from bringing rain, snow, and other debris from their umbrella into the store, but the store is protected from slip-and-fall accidents resulting from tracked-in water. Umbrella stands hold clear plastic bags in a special dispenser for customers’ wet umbrellas. Umbrella stand signage can state either of the following:

Help Keep Our Lobby Floors Dry

Wet Umbrella Bags: Please Take One

The standard umbrella stand comes with a crisp black aluminum finish and includes the stand, sign, mounting bracket and 1,000 bags. There is also an elegant premium stand that comes with a beautiful Satin Chrome or Satin Brass finish.

Safety Products: Creating a Positive First Impression

Retail establishments that plan ahead in order to create a pleasing customer experience, enjoy the results that come with creating a good first impression- primarily repeat customers. By paying attention to the aesthetics of a storefront and providing quality commercial entrance mats and wet umbrella stands, stores can reap the monetary benefits of staying safe.