Local Matting Rental and Cleaning in Maryland

Looking for an easy way to make a positive first impression with guests, every time? Choosing the right kind of entry mats and runners is only half the battle. After selecting mats that augment interior decor, extra precautions must be taken to ensure mats stay clean and functional throughout the day. Failure to maintain floor mats can lead to excessive dirt, grime, and moisture accumulation on the surface where it can reduce traction and cause slips.

There are many benefits to keeping floor mats clean. A few of the most common include:

1. Good first impressions

Whether a colleague or a potential new customer, a clean entryway provides a positive first impression that tells guests you care about cleanliness, safety, and in some cases, aesthetics.

2. Improved IAQ

Floor mats are known to trap a significant amount of incoming dirt and debris, which ultimately improves indoor air quality (IAQ). Better IAQ benefits everyone by improving the ability to concentrate, reducing the likelihood of asthma flare-ups, and reducing the spread of airborne bacteria.

3. Better safety

Dirty mats are dangerous mats. As noted above, failure to keep mats clean can ultimately lead to slips, trips, and falls for which the property owner might be liable.

Rental and Cleaning Services

At Eagle Mat and Floor Products, we are pleased to offer hassle-free matting rental and cleaning services to businesses within Maryland and the Washington DC Metro Area. Our services are designed exclusively for small to medium sized businesses that value safety, cleanliness, and positive first impressions.

Matting Rotation. Our approach to floor mat rental and cleaning uses a rotation system to ensure entryways are never left bare. Our team creates a set of identical mats to meet clients’ specific facility safety needs. One set is installed, and the other set is retained until the first round of cleaning.

When mats are to be cleaned, an Eagle Mat representative will arrive on-site to swap the first set of mats with the second. The second set of mats stays on-site while the first set is thoroughly cleaned with commercial grade carpet cleaners and eco-friendly chemical solutions. This process is repeated when the second set of mats becomes soiled to ensure a fresh set of fully functional safety mats are always installed on-site.

Contact Eagle Mat for More Information

For more information on floor mat rental and rotation in Maryland and the Washington DC Metro Area, visit the Eagle Mat services page or call toll free 1-877-333-1018.