How to Prevent Accidents from Worn-Out Mats

Here at Eagle Mat and Floor Products, we strive to provide our clients with industry-leading commercial matting and safety products that proactively promotes visitors safety. From ultra-absorbent entryway matting to industrial strength wall guards and handrails, our team has worked tirelessly to hand-select our industry’s best products for facility safety.

However, the installation of safety materials is just the first step. Facilities must remain proactive in caring for these products to prevent them from falling into disrepair. Without proper maintenance, it is easy for safety products to become causal forces in the accidents they are designed to prevent.

Today, our team focuses on preventing floor mats from causing slips, trips, and falls. To accomplish this task, we will explore ways to prevent mats from becoming worn-out and damaged.

Preventing Floor Mat Wear and Tear

The first step in preventing accidents from old mats is to prevent those mats from becoming worn-out in the first place. This can be accomplished by following 5 tips for effective commercial matting maintenance and care.

Tips for Commercial Matting Maintenance and Care

Instruct maintenance crews to clean all flooring surfaces at once. Chances are good that your facility already employs a maintenance staff to clean hardwood, tile, or carpeted floor spaces. When this is being done, instruct maintenance crews to clean indoor and outdoor floor mats as well. For carpet mats (walk-off mats), an industrial-strength shop vacc is preferred. Such a vacuum is also ideal for cleaning the compartments beneath recessed grill mat systems.

Pay close attention to logo mats. If you have logo matting, pay close attention to the surface colors. It’s important to remember that logo mats do more than control dirt, debris, and moisture accumulation– they also link your customer with your brand through the strategic use of vibrant colors, imagery, and lettering. If needed, use a special cleaner to proactively remove dirt spots, stains, and other blemishes.

Know when to use a pressure washer. For outdoor rubber matting, a pressure washer can effectively remove deeply-packed dirt and debris. A word of caution, however: Pressure washers may damage vinyl mats. For these models, opt to use a simpler garden hose instead. The reduced pressure will clean the mats thoroughly, without risking damage to the edging, surface, or backing.

Stay on schedule. As with other maintenance, it is wise to keep a regular cleaning schedule to ensure mats stay in tip-top shape. Maintenance crews should also be trained to look for other hazardous things like puddles, discarded wet umbrellas, and other obstacles that may cause accidents. Depending on the hazard, facilities should have a protocol to neutralize such dangers immediately.

Know when to break schedule. Of course, there are certain times when extra maintenance is needed to keep floor mats and other elements of the facility clean, dry, and safe. Following periods of inclement weather, for example, maintenance might be needed at faster and more erratic intervals. Management is encouraged to break-free from regular cleaning schedules when appropriate, always aiming to keep major points of entry and exit safe for visitors.

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