Eagle Mat Spreads Awareness for Slips, Trips, and Falls

This fall, Eagle Mat and Floor Products stands with the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) in spreading awareness for the danger posed by slips, trips, and falls in residential, commercial, and public settings.

Earlier this year, the NFSI announced the formation of a new Slip-Fall Coalition to advance the conversation on slips and falls, the danger the pose, and the best methods of prevention. Commenting on the new coalition, Russel Kendzoir states, “Our goal is to build a comprehensive network of organizations, associations, unions, and other stakeholders impacted by the growing number of slips, trips, and falls.”

As reported by Liberty Mutual Research Institute, at-work accidents like those noted by the NFSI cost American businesses upwards up $12 billion in the fiscal year 2010 alone. Slips, trips, and falls are only more common during busier business hours, leading many commercial property owners to re-evaluate safety as the holiday shopping season approaches.

Preparing for the Holidays

Spreading awareness for the prevalence of slips, trips, and falls in commercial settings takes on added importance this November and December. Thanks to a late Thanksgiving, American consumers will have just 4 weekends of holiday shopping. Crowds are expected to be bigger than last year, as shopping analytics provider ShopperTrak estimates a 2.4% increase in total shopping expenditures.

To put that into perspective, ShopperTrak reports that the top 10 busiest shopping days of 2012 amounted to more than 35% of total revenues generated on the year. This year, shoppers are expected to spend about $737 per person on holiday decorations, presents, and food.

10 Busiest Shopping Days of 2013

  1. 1. November 29th: Black Friday
  2. 2. December 21st: Super Saturday
  3. 3. December 22nd
  4. 4. December 20th
  5. 5. December 14th
  6. 6. December 23rd
  7. 7. December 26th (the day following Christmas)
  8. 8. November 30th (Saturday following Black Friday)
  9. 9. December 7th
  10. 10. December 28th

Visit last week’s article, Prepare for the Top 10 Busiest Holiday Shopping Days, for more additional insights on the holiday shopping season, including tips for effective crowd management and accident prevention.

Save on Safety Products This Holiday Season

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