Desk Chair Mats 101

You may not have given a lot of thought to desk chair mats, but perhaps you should. There are several advantages to having them, and equally several disadvantages to not have them in your office space. We carry two kinds of desk chair mats, one for carpeted flooring, and one for non-carpeted flooring. Both have lifetime guarantees. The one for carpeted flooring has special cleats that anchor it in place but won’t damage the carpet.


Desk chair mats have two important functions. The first one is they protect the flooring underneath the mat. If you have an employee in a wheeled chair scooting around all day on your carpeted or other flooring, over time that chair will do a lot of damage to the floor. Damage to the floor does not help your property value. Even worse for the floor is if the employee is sitting on a chair that doesn’t have wheels. Then that chair is scraping and scratching the flooring, damaging it at an even faster rate.

The other big advantage is that desk chair mats allow an employee to move around behind his or her desk in the chair more easily, with less friction, and faster. If you have ever sat on a desk chair that did not have a mat, you’ll understand the strain and frustration of moving your chair back and forth against a high-friction flooring.

Disadvantages of Not Having Desk Chair Mats

The disadvantages are the exact opposites of the advantages. Without mats, chairs will damage your flooring. Period. This not only affects property value, but this damage will make it impossible to ever rearrange office furniture because you will not be able to leave bare an unsightly patch of damaged flooring.

If employees don’t have mats under their desk chairs, they will be fighting with their desks and chairs all day long. They risk developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) common in the workplace and representing more than 40 percent of lost-time claims and absenteeism.

There is no doubt that if you use desk chair mats in your business setting, your employees will be safer, happier, and have fewer visits to the doctor for sore legs and backs.  Good quality chair mats are just good business, and ours have a lifetime guarantee.

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