Alarming Residential Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

Commercial workplaces are not the only environments in which slip and fall accidents occur. In fact, at-home slips and falls account for many cases of residential injury, personal injury cases, and even fatalities each year.

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) is a leader in collecting data on slip and fall accidents, both in commercial and residential settings. The NFSI is also actively involved in spreading awareness for proactive accident prevention and standards development. Below is a list of the top 10 residential slip and fall accident statistics, hand-selected by the editors of the Eagle Mat Blog to help homeowners better understand the dangers lurking on their property.

Top 10 Residential Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

1. Men and women experience accidental slips and falls at nearly identical rates.

2. In the United States, emergency rooms see nearly 8 million slip and fall accident cases.

3. Approximately 5% of all individuals who fall will experience a bone fracture.

4. Flooring materials, including surface textures and coatings, are a primary contributing factor in about 2 million falls annually.

5. A majority of residential slip and fall accidents occur on level ground.

More on this statistic: When most people think of a slip and fall at home, they immediately imagine someone tumbling down the stairs. Most homeowners will be shocked to learn that a majority of slips and falls occur on level ground, however.

6. Approximately 33% of Americans age 65 and older will experience a fall.

More on this statistic: In the U.S., nearly 1 in 3 seniors will experience a slip and fall in the home. Moreover, fatal slip and fall accidents are most common among this demographic. According to the CDC, the number of seniors who had a fatal slip and fall accident in 2005 increased by nearly 50% compared to 1995 numbers, amounting to over 15,000 in total.

7. Seniors age 75 and up account for 60% of fatal slip and fall accidents in the U.S.

8. When a senior age 65 or older experiences a fracture, approximately 50% will not be able to live independently after the accident.

9. For individuals over 70 years of age, falls are the 6th most common cause of death.

10. In total, falls cost Americans an estimated $14 million each year.

More on this statistic: In the U.S., slips and falls are the number one cause of accidental injury. In fact, slips and falls accounted for just over 20% of all emergency room visits in 1995. That same year, automobile accidents accounted for just 11% of emergency room visits, illustrating that Americans can be up to twice as likely to experience slips and falls compared to car accidents.

Proactive Accident Prevention

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