8 More Tips to Cut Down on Slips, Trips, and Falls in Your Commercial Space

OSHAIn our last article, we talked specifically about how your choice of mats can reduce slip, trip, and fall incidents. But there are other things you can do to reduce these workplace injuries. So, here are 10 more ways that you can help keep your workplace safe.

  1. Keep the floor areas clean. Don’t let clutter or obstacles build up on the floor anywhere that people walk. We’re talking about things like boxes piled up where they shouldn’t be or anything that impedes the flow of traffic. Try to keep the office or retail space as neat and tidy as possible. It’s safer.
  2. If floors are wet, use signs that indicate that. Let people know what to expect. If people know the floors are wet, they will be more careful.
  3. Have appropriate lighting. Make sure there is appropriate lighting wherever people walk. Especially illuminate any stairs. Replace bulbs or lamps quickly if they are not working.
  4. Check transition strips. Regularly examine transition strips between different types of flooring to make sure they are secure and in good repair. Transition strips can become loose or damaged over time. Make this part of your safety inspection of the premises.
  5. Have handrails. Even if handrails are not required by code on one or two steps, it’s a good idea to have them anyway. If they are available to use, people will use them.
  6. Have sturdy stepstools available. If you have them readily available, employees won’t stand on inappropriate things like chairs to reach something.
  7. Ask employees for safe behavior. Let your employees know that you don’t want them running in the office. Tell employees not to walk and study their smartphones at the same time. Drawing attention to these types of behaviors can help keep them to a minimum.
  8. No working in the dark. It’s not unusual for employees to work late with just some task lighting on their desks. Let the employees know that you don’t want them working in the dark. Tell them that if they are working, they should have overhead lights on.

Safety at work can be greatly improved with a few small changes. Let your employees know that you care about their safety, and remind them regularly what you expect of them. Safer employees are happier employees. And happier employees means a more profitable business.

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