Free Infographic: Slips and Falls Cost American Businesses $13 Billion

Free-Infographic-American-Businesses-Falling-Flat-thumb-1According to statistics gathered by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute, slip and fall accidents cost American businesses an estimated $13 billion in 2010. Such accidents fall in to 1 of 2 categories: Fall on same level, or fall to lower level. Alarmingly, costs associated with these two categories of workplace accidents experienced significant growth since 1998. All other categories of workplace accident, such as over-exertion and struck by a falling object, experienced a decline.

This trend has an important implication for businesses nationwide. No matter what the vertical, businesses lose more each year to accidents associated with simple slips-and-falls. Complete prevention of such accidents is not possible, as accidental missteps will always cause injury. However, with a bit of proactive risk assessment and planning, businesses can aim to reduce the cost of slips and falls in the workplace.

Top 5 Workplace Accidents


4 Mats That Can Reduce Workplace Accidents

By focusing on the major causes of slips and falls, businesses can protect employees and hedge against financial loss. Major causes include: Dirt/debris on floors, liquid accumulation, sub-standard traction (slippery surfaces), and grease/oil buildup (common in manufacturing facilities.

With these common causes in mind, it’s easy to see how the following 4 types of safety mats can keep things clean, dry, and safe for employees, customers, and other facility guests.

Rubber Scraper Mats. Weatherproof and built to last, Rubber Scraper Mats are ideal for placement just outside entryways. Deep textures and a tough 100% Nitrile construction make these mats highly effective in aggressively cleaning dirt and moisture from shoes, before entering the building.

Walk-Off Mats. Inside the doorway, Walk-off mats provide the perfect surface for wiping additional dirt, moisture, and other debris rom the soles of shoes. Walk-off mats are rubber-backed for extra slip-resistance and safety, and are easily customized with vivid colors, 3D graphics, logos, and more.

Recessed Grill Systems. For facilities that experience a moderate-to-high degree of visitor flow, Recessed Grill Systems yield unparalleled debris control and safety. Models like the Pedimat® are known to stop upwards of 60% of debris from entering a facility, taking safety and hygiene to a new level. Lear how recessed grill mats can improve facility hygiene by reading this case study: Pedimat® Improves IAQ.

Anti-Fatigue Mats. “Overexertion” was the leading cause of workplace accidents, costing upwards of $13 billion in 2010. Anti-fatigue mats stimulate blood flow in the feet, legs, and lower back, keeping employees alert and effective.

Additional Slip and Fall Prevention/ Safety Resources

Visit the Liberty Mutual Research Institute to read the Workplace Safety Index, the official report from which this data was gathered.

To learn more about slip and fall accidents by business/ industry, visit the National Floor Safety Institute.

For industry-leading safety products and complimentary consultation, visit Eagle Mat and Floor Products online.

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