Benefits of Sit or Stand Desks and Their Appropriate Flooring Solutions

There’s a new trend in office ergonomics which is sit or stand desks. We’re going to take a look at the benefits of offering sit or stand desks to your employees, and what the best flooring solutions are for these areas.

Some—but not all—of the benefits

  1. Employees are happier if they can move around. No one likes sitting in one position all day.
  2. Employees are more alert and will be more productive if given an opportunity to stand. It’s easy to get sleepy or zone out in a warm comfortable chair staring at a screen all day. Standing increases blood flow, and the employees will get more done.
  3. Standing reduces lower back pain. Less pain means fewer days missed and fewer doctor visits.
  4. There’s also evidence that standing desks can help alleviate or prevent repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Repetitive stress injuries are the single most costly occupational health problem costing upwards of $20 billion per year in the US in workers compensation.

Flooring choices

If you’re going to have sit or stand desks available to your employees, then you should consider getting them some anti-fatigue mats to stand on. These also contribute to the employee’s wellbeing.

The Hog Heaven Plush Anti-Fatigue mats come in five colors, and they’re beautiful. The Hog Heaven Fashion Anti-Fatigue mats come in four colors, and then have extra ribs for added traction. If your office environment requires a more utilitarian look, we have anti-fatigue mats that are made of recycled urethane.

Remember though, if your employee has an office chair on wheels, consider putting down some chair mats for the chairs with the anti-fatigue mats nearby to be used as needed.

These types of desks don’t have to cost a fortune. Shop around. There are contraptions that will sit on top of an existing desk and can be raised or lowered from there. Spruce up your office this summer with some sit or stand desks and the appropriate mats to go with them. Make your employees happy. Happy employees mean higher profits and less absenteeism.

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