Gym Mats FAQ

Gym Mat FAQGym mats are an essential piece of any fitness area.  Gym matting serves to protect floor space and exercise participants in both residential and commercial fitness locations.  These mats are available in a range of different styles and colors, making it easy to cover facility floors with precision and style.  Eagle Mat and Floor Products has assembled this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide to better assist facility owners, trainers, and at-home fitness enthusiasts in choosing effective matting products.

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Gym Mats:  Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use gym mats?

The first reason to use gym mats is to prevent floor damage.  Most floors feature a hard surface made of concrete, hardwood, or tile.  These had surfaces will inevitably come into contact with free weights, weight machines, and aerobics machines.  Gym mats provide a simple yet durable layer of padding that absorbs the shock of heavy weights, machines, and other items that would otherwise damage the surface of the floor.

Second, gym matting protects people!  When a weight is dropped, it may continue to roll or bounce because of momentum.  Bouncing or rolling weights may injure patron’s feet or become tripping hazards.  Heavy-duty gym mats absorb the impact of falling weights, barbells, and other items, helping to control these items after they are dropped.

2. From what materials are gym mats made?

In the past, gym mats were made of synthetic all-rubber construction only.  Now, gym mats may be constructed of eco-friendly materials that deliver the very same benefits of their all-rubber predecessors.  Our Everlast Gym Mat Rolls and Everlast Gym Mat Tiles are two products that exemplify this shift towards Earth-conscious gym mat construction.  These tough mats are made of 100% post-consumer tire rubber that may also award facilities with LEED credits!

3. Are gym mats hard to clean?

No, gym mats are not hard to clean.  Most gym floor mats on are manufactured with a non-porous surface.  This inhibits moisture absorption and helps to keep mats free of bacteria and odor.  These gym mats are easily cleaned with a damp mop and antibacterial floor cleaner.

4. Where are the best places to use gym mats?

In general, gym mats should be used in any area where physical activities may be performed.  Areas in particular need of rubber gym matting include:

Free weight areas – prevents floor damage, reduces noise from falling weights, stops weights from rolling around

Weight machine areas – prevents machine from cracking, scratching, or otherwise damaging underlying floor surface.  Also prevents noise and vibrations associated with aggressive machine use

Cardio machine areas – prevents machine from damaging underlying floor space, reduces noise associated with machine use, and may help to control grease/oil emissions from machine’s rotary parts

5. I have a large floor space to cover.  Should I use gym mats or tiles?

It is easier than ever to cover large floor spaces with matting products!  Eagle Mat and Floor Products recommends the following 3 matting solutions for fitness centers and other exercise facilities with large floor spaces to cover:

Everlast Gym Mats – Rolls:  Everlast is a leading industry authority in gym flooring!  These gym mat rolls are laser cut, allowing for precise “end-to-end” application that creates a truly seamless look.  Now made of 100% post-consumer rubber and available in 21 different color schemes!

Everlast Gym Mats – Tiles:  The #1 athletic floor tile in the country!  Like Everlast mats, these gym mat tiles are laser cut for added precision during installation.  Choose from over 20 different color options!

Loktuff Interlocking Gym Tiles:  These heavy-duty gym mat tiles provide traction, floor protection, and flexibility in application.  Loktuff tiles feature a unique interlocking design that securely attaches one tile to the next.  Non-porous and resilient, these tiles are exceptional in canceling noise and vibrations!

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