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Eagle Mat and Floor Products

Floor Mat Accessories

Floor mat accessories come in many varieties. Accessories complement our floor mat products to ensure maximum effectiveness. Anti-slip tape, for example, holds mats in place and prevents accidents. Anti-static grounding cables are essential accessories that enable many of our anti-static mats to properly function. Our collection includes everything you need to ensure your mats are installed properly while offering your visitors additional means of safety. Eagle Mat also offers Wet Umbrella Bag Stands! These stands are one of our best selling lobby "extras." Our stands are available in two finishes that are sure to match most interior color schemes.

  • Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (double)

    An upgrade to the single, the double accommodates for a higher loading capacity (2,000 bags) and is recommended for heavier traffic. This item has an additional dispenser designed specially for folded umbrellas. Choose from a Double Dispenser Starter Kit, the wrapper only, or replacement bags.

    • Available in Brushed Stainless and Gold finishes
    • Holds up to 2,000 bags: 1,000 long bags and 1,000 short bags
  • Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (single)

    No more plucking bags from the stand, this hands-free system provides for the ultimate convenience and safety! Just place the umbrella in and the stand will automatically wrap it for you. Choose from the Single Dispenser Starter Kit, the wrapper only, or replacement bags.

    • Available in Brushed Stainless and Gold finishes
    • Holds up to 1,000 long bags
  • Wet Umbrella Bag Stand - Supreme

    Our Supreme Wet Umbrella Bag Stands feature a beautiful Satin Chrome or Satin Brass finish.  Our simple yet elegant Supreme Umbrella Stands dispense clear plastic bags for guests to stow their wet umbrellas. 

    • Posts available in Satin Chrome or Satin Brass finish.
    • Control rainwater and keep your facility dry, clean, and safe.
    • Full Set includes stand, matching finished frame sign, and 1,000 bags!


  • Wet Umbrella Bag Stand - Standard

    Our Standard Wet Umbrella Bag Stands dispense clear plastic bags for your guests to house their wet umbrellas.  Umbrella bags effectively control excessive water accumulation!

    • Crisp black aluminum finish.
    • Cost effective way to control rainwater accumulation.
    • Full Set includes stand, sign, mounting bracket, and 1,000 bags.
    • Keep your entryway or lobby dry and safe on through long rainy days! 
  • Anti Slip Grit Tape

    Add traction to loading docks, ramps, and other pathways with our Anti-Slip Grit Tape.  Constructed of carbide particles that chip off as they wear away, our Grit Tape strips remain coarse to provide superior traction over time!

    • Grit Tape and Grit Pads are each available
    • Easy peel-and-stick application-- no adhesive necessary!
  • Floor Mat Grip Tape

    Keep your floor mats firmly in place with Floor Mat Grip Tape.  Absolutely essential in commercial floor mat installation, our Grip Tape bonds floor mats to carpet floors to reduce slippage and increase safety!

    • Easy-to-install "peel and stick" application
    • Cut and apply tape with ease and precision
  • Grounding Cord Anti-Static (15')

    For use with select Anti-Static Mats.  This Ground Cord features a solder-less terminal that may be connected to an electrical outlet.

    • 15' in length
    • 1,000,000 Ohms resistivity!
  • Heel Grounder Anti-Static

    Safely channel electricity from worker-to-ESD matting with our Heel Grounder!  Made for workers who wear insulated shoes, this Heel Grounder allows you to conduct static discharge.

    • One size fits all
    • 1,000,000 Ohms resistivity!
  • InPro Bond Adhesive

    Ideal for securing Vinyl Sheets and Rubrails to interior walls!  Our InPro Bond Adhesive is Eco-Friendly and resistant to both mold and mildew!

  • Vinylseal

    For use in sealing joints along Rigid Vinyl sheets and other products. 

    • Cartridge contents measure 10.5oz. 
    • Standard colors available!
  • PL Premium, Heavy-Duty Adhesive

    For securing stainless steel products and PVC corner guards.  One tube of our PL Premium Heavy-Duty Adhesive will:

    • Adhere 4 stainless steel 4-foot corner guards,
    • Ten door edge protectors, or
    • Eight 4-foot no-tape-on corner guards.
  • IPC Cartridge Gun

    For use in applying adhesive or sealant to vinyl wall sheets, stair treads, risers, and more!  Our IPC Cartridge Gun dispenses adhesive in 3 beads to ensure extensive application.

  • Extension Roller

    Install Vinyl Sheets and Kickplates with ease!  Our Extension Roller makes installation simple.  Comes with telescopic handle, triple roller, and raised grip.

  • Neoprene Contact Cement

    Neoprene Contact Cement is fast-drying and solvent based for quick and firm application!  Designed specifically to bond vinyl or rubber to concrete, terrazzo, metal, marble, or wood!

    • Each gallon may effectively install up to 75' of lineal tread
    • Stairs are ready for use immediately following application!
  • Premium Multi-Purpose Adhesive - 1 GAL

    Premium Multi-Purpose Adhesive is used to install carpet and fiber backed sheet goods to approved sub-floors.  Economical and eco-friendly, this multi-purpose adhesive exhibits substantial grab and tack.

    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • For use with Jute, Synthetic Fiber, Woven Polypropylene, Enhancer Back, and Needle Punch Carpet.
    • Coverage:  1 Gallon covers approximately 120 sq. ft.


  • Premium Multi-Purpose Adhesive - 4 GAL

    Premium Multi-Purpose Adhesive is an economical and environmentally friendly solution designed to affix carpet and fiber backed sheet goods to sub-flooring surfaces.   Primarily used for the installation of carpet and other fiber-backed sheet goods, this adhesive binds with exceptional grip.

    • Size:  4 Gallons
    • For use with Jute, Synthetic Fiber, Woven Polypropylene, Enhancer Back, and Needle Punch Carpet.
    • Coverage:  4 Gallon container will cover app. 480 sq. ft.


  • Stair Tread Adhesive

    Our Stair Tread Adhesive is water-based and ideal for bonding either rubber to concrete, wood, terrazzo, metal, or marble.  For use while installing stair treads, risers, and other rubber or vinyl products.

    • Covers approx. 75 linear feet per gallon.
  • Rubber Flooring Adhesive

    Our Rubber Flooring Adhesive is designed to effectively bond rubber flooring to wood or concrete floors. 

    • Non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly!
    • Covers approx. 150 sq. feet per gallon.
  • Epoxy Flooring Adhesive

    For use in installing Circular Disc Tile.  Each "unit" of Epoxy Flooring Adhesive contains two separate solutions, to be mixed prior to application. 

    • Mixture produces 1 gallon of adhesive
    • Coverage:  150 sq. ft. per unit (approximately).
  • Epoxy Nose Caulk

     Our Epoxy Nose Caulk is to be used on all stair tread installations to increase stability and longevity!

    • To be used during installation of ALL Square-flex or Curved nosing
  • Standard Dispenser Gun

    Dispenser gun for Epoxy Nose Caulk.  Quickly and easily apply Epoxy to stair treads, wall coverings, and more!

  • Deluxe Dispenser Gun

    Heavy duty, our Deluxe Dispenser Gun is designed to evenly and effectively apply epoxy! Product weight is approximately 5 lbs.