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Eagle Mat and Floor Products

Garage Flooring

Garage flooring keeps workspaces clean and comfortable. Protect your surfaces with floor tiles! Do not let oil, antifreeze, salt, or battery acid destroy your floors. Our peel-and-stick tiles are made of flexible 100% polyvinyl that is guaranteed not to crack or curl. Our mats and tiles are also effective in protecting concrete floors from cracks. Also available are recycled tiles made of 100% recycled PVC plastic! Our garage matting and roll-out garage flooring products are easy to install with minimal preparation required. A firm sweeping is all that is need to remove debris prior to installation. Maintenance is a cinch with these floor mats. Simply rinse with water or sweep with a push broom!

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Peel & Stick Garage Tiles

  • Diamond Tread Garage Tiles

    Add superior traction and protection to your garage flooring!  Our Diamond Tread Garage Tiles feature a simple peel-and-stick application that makes covering large or unique spaces a cinch!

    • Available in multiple colors!
    • Easy-to-install!
    • 100% polyvinyl fits together to seamlessly seal and protect garage floor
  • Levant Surface Garage Tiles

    Levant Surface Garage Tiles create a leather-like surface that adds both traction and comfort to your garage, workshop, or production facility!  Simply peel and stick these tiles to cover large floor spaces quickly and easily!

    • Easy-to-install!
    • Tiles available in 12" x 12" or 24" x 24"
    • Advanced slip resistance and traction!


Roll-Out Garage Flooring

  • Coin Pattern Garage Flooring

    Coin Pattern Garage Flooring is our most popular roll-out garage matting!  Attractive, easy-to-install, and all-Polyvinyl, these roll-out mats are built to last!

    • Protect against oil, salt, antifreeze, and other liquid spills
    • Roll-out installation, no adhesive necessary
    • Available in 3 different colors and two different thicknesses (60 Mil & 75 Mil)!
  • Levant Surface Garage Flooring

    Levant Surface Garage Flooring has a unique leather-like surface that will transform your garage, shop, or basement floor!  Made of resilient Polyvinyl, this product is made to last.  Our most economical garage flooring option!

    • Protect your floor from spills, scuffs, and accumulating damage!
    • Roll-out installation, no adhesive necessary
    • Easy to clean and maintain!
  • Ribbed Pattern Garage Flooring

    Ribbed Pattern Garage Flooring is our most functional floor option for your basement, garage, or workspace!  Linear "ribs" provide superior traction and slip-resistance during long work hours.

    • Protect against oil, salt, antifreeze, and other liquid spills
    • Roll-out installation, no adhesive necessary
    • Available in multiple colors!
  • Diamond Tread Garage Flooring

    Our Diamond Tread Garage Flooring offers the best combination of traction and comfort for large floor spaces!  Safeguard your garage, basement, or production facility floors from damaging spills with these easy-to-install floor mats.

    • Protect against oil, salt, antifreeze, and other liquid spills
    • This roll-out garage flooring doesn't require any adhesives!
    • Available in Slate Grey, Midnight Black & Sandstone
  • Clear Roll-Out Floor Protector

    Protect your showroom or garage floor without sacrificing aesthetics!  Our Clear Roll-Out Protectors provide superior floor protection from heavy equipment, foot traffic, and more.

    • Guaranteed not to crack or curl!
    • Easy-to-cut for custom applications
    • Fits together seamlessly to cover large areas
  • Turtle Tile Garage Flooring

    Turtle Tile Garage Flooring interlocks together seamlessly to effectively protect your floor space!  Available in solid or drainage surface styles.

    • Capable of withstanding 4000 lbs/ square foot!
    • Color remains resilient through heat, cold, and sunlight
    • 5-year Replacement Warranty!
  • Eco Recycled Tile Garage Flooring

    Our Eco Recycled Tile Garage Flooring is made of 100% recycled PVC plastic!  Reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing quality!  Modular and portable, these tiles are an excellent alternative to expensive epoxy concrete surfacing.

    • 1/4" in thickness
    • Available in raised disc, pebble, or smooth surface designs
    • Beveled edges available!
  • Motorcycle Mat

    Park, store, and work on your motorcycle in comfort and style!  Our Motorcycle Mat provides 50 square feet of ribbed surfacing to control dirt, grime, and oil accumulation.

    • Available in 55 Mil Gauge (Standard-Grade).
    • Designed to withstand puncture from kickstands
    • Large size accommodates motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs!