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Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (double)

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*Starting from: $64.00 *Price may update with selected options above.

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*Starting from: $64.00 *Price may update with selected options above.

A brand new innovative way to protect floors from getting wet! Just insert an umbrella into it's chamber, and the stand automatically bags it. An upgrade to it's single dispenser counterpart, the double version accommodates for a greater loading capacity (2,000 bags total). Recommended for areas with heavier traffic, this item holds 1,000 long bags for stick umbrellas and 1,000 short bags designed for folded umbrellas. Choose from a starter kit, wrapper-only, or replacement bags.

  • Size & Weight of Stands and Bags
  • Brush Stainless Stand Size: 12.99" (Width) x 17.72" (Depth) x 30.70" (Height), Weight: approximately 35 lbs.
  • Gold Stand Size: 12.99" (Width) x 17.72" (Depth) x 30.70" (Height), Weight: approximately 36 lbs.
  • Long Bag Size: 5.51" (Width) x 29.33" (Length), Weight: approximately 8 lbs.
  • Short Bag Size: 5.51" (Width) x 16.73" (Length), Weight: approximately 5 lbs.
  • Product's Features
  • People can wrap up their wet umbrellas in a single motion
  • Can load 2,000 Bags, including 1,000 Long Bags and 1,00 Short Bags
  • The Double Dispenser is made for many different types of umbrellas
  • Recommended for heavy traffic areas, such as commercial and residential buildings and hotel lobbies
  • This sleek design goes well with all looks and interior décor
  • Ideal for use in inclement weather environments, such as those with rain, sleet, and snow
  • Prevent water from building up and accumulating on dry floors
  • Stand has wheels on the back of the base, making it mobile and easy to move around
  • Stand does not require power, electricity, or batteries and is essentially Maintenance Free
  • Both the Brushed Stainless and Gold Wrappers come with Black "Collars" at the top of the stand
  • The Hole Spacing on the bags have a distance of approximately 3.5” (on center) in between the two holes
  • All of the Plastic Wet Umbrella Bags are RECYCLABLE!
  • Call us for more details: 877-333-1018
  • Pricing Options
    Starter Kit: Brushed Stainless - Double Dispenser w/ 2,000 Bags* $774.00
    Starter Kit: Gold - Double Dispenser w/ 2,000 Bags* $774.00
    Wrapper-only: Brushed Stainless - Double Dispenser (no bags) $679.00
    Wrapper-only: Gold - Double Dispenser (no bags) $679.00
    Box of 1,000 Long Bags $71.00
    Box of 1,000 Short Bags $64.00
    *Includes 2 boxes: One box of 1,000 long bags and one box of 1,000 short bags.  

    Looking for our Single Dispenser version? See: Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (single dispenser)

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