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Stair Treads

Stair treads are applied directly to the stepping surfaces of stairs. Treads perform many functions. They control debris, increase traction, and prevent slip-and-fall accidents. We are proud to offer non-slip stair treads that are constructed of high quality rubber, vinyl, or aluminum. Our line of rubber stair treads are compliant with the International benchmark for safety. Each has a Flame Spread Rating of 25 or less in accordance with ASTM-E84. Our collection of stair treads is available in a range of beautiful colors for any stairway. They are easily applied directly to the surface of the step. We also have a variety of stair risers to complement our line of stair treads. Risers are placed over the vertical faces that extend from one step to the next. Please note that some of our products may require surface adhesive.

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Rubber Stair Treads

  • Circular Disc Rubber Stair Tread

    Our Circular Disc Rubber Stair Treads feature 3/4" disc pattern to provide superior traction on stairs!  Heavy-duty, durable, and easy to clean, these stair treads are perfect for use in stairways, landings, entranceways, and more!

    • Measure 12 1/2" deep
    • Complies with ASTM-E84 Flame Spread Rating
  • Diamond Pattern Rubber Stair Tread

    Increase traction with these Diamond Pattern Rubber Stair Treads!  Available in a range of vivid colors, these rubber stair treads add safety to otherwise slippery and dangerous stairwells.

    • 12 1/4" deep
    • Complies with ASTM-E84 Flame Spread Rating
  • Smooth Surface Rubber Stair Tread

    Our Smooth Surface Rubber Stair Treads are heavy-duty and resilient, ideal for application in public stairways, entranceways, and other areas where extra traction is necessary!

    • 12 1/2" deep
    • Multiple color Grit-strips available!
    • Complies with ASTM-E84 Flame Spread Rating
  • Outdoor Heavy Duty Rubber Stair Treads

    Durable Rubber Stair Tread that is designed to be safe even during inclement weather such as rain, snow, and sleet and is made from 100% Recycled Tires.

    • Great for external applications
    • Designed with a nice diamond pattern
    • Available in multiple widths
  • Circular Disc Tile

    Circular Disc Tiles are easy-to-install and add immediate traction to most surfaces. Featuring a circular 3/4" design to provide superior traction, stability, and cleaning!

    • For use on landings, ramps, entrances, and more!
    • Ideal substitute for terrazzo or concrete floors!
  • Diamond Design Tile

    Diamond Design Tile adds stability and traction to stairway landings, ramps, lobbies, and other slick surfaces.  Pre-squared and sanded for easy installation!

    • Easy-to-install
    • Tiles measure 24" x 24"
    • Non-staining and non-discoloring!
  • Rubber Stair Cove Riser

    Add pizzazz to the vertical spaces of your stairway!  Our Rubber Stair Cove Risers are heavy-duty, all-rubber, and easy-to-install.

    • Measures 7" in height
    • Available in 24 eye-catching colors!

Vinyl Stair Treads

  • 1/4" Ribbed Vinyl Stair Tread

    Get instant traction by installing our 1/4" Ribbed Vinyl Stair Treads!  Ideal for commercial and industrial use, these stair treads feature a 100% heavy-duty vinyl construction for long-lasting application. 

    • Measures 12" in depth
    • Resistant to abrasion and grease!
  • 3/16" Ribbed Vinyl Stair Tread

    Made of 100% vinyl, our 3/16" Ribbed Vinyl Stair Treads are easy to install with Contact Cement or Stair Tread Adhesive.  Ideal for commercial or industrial use. 

    • Measures 12" deep
    • To be installed with Contact Cement or Stair Tread Adhesive (please see our Floor Mat Accessories)
  • 7/32" Vinyl Stair Tread with Grit-Strips

    A truly economical option for those in search of durable, all-vinyl stair treads.  Our 7/32" Vinyl Stair Treads feature horizontal Grit Strips for added traction and safety!  Perfect for a variety of uses in both commercial and industrial settings.

    • 12" deep
    • Multiple Grit Strip colors available!
  • 1/8" Ribbed Vinyl Stair Tread

    1/8" Ribbed Vinyl Stair Tread add traction and stability to stairwells.  Now made with a raised "ribbed" design, these stair treads trap dirt below the walking surface to maintain safe walking conditions. 

    • Measures 12" in depth
    • Covers 2"x12" steps
  • Vinyl Stair Cove Riser

    Match the vertical surface, or "rise," between individual steps with these Vinyl Stair Cove Risers!  Protect your stairway with these vertical risers, now available in a variety of colors!

    • Measure 7" in height
    • New! Available in Brown, Sand, Gray, and Black colors!

Aluminum Stair Treads

  • 9/32" Grit-Strip Aluminum Stair Tread

    Introducing an affordable way to transform old dangerous stairways into safe ones! Our 9/32" Grit-Strip Aluminum Stair Treads create long-lasting anti-slip protection through a series of horizontal grit strips that provide maximum traction.

    • Easily installed over old stairs
    • Available in 9" and 11" depths
    • Able to be installed over any type of pre-existing stair!