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Salon Mats

A salon mat is more than just a piece of décor. Salon mats keep beauty professionals comfortable. Once comfortable, stylists are free to focus on delivering high quality services. Our selection of salon floor mats are perfect for hair salons, spas, and beauty schools. Our selection represents an exquisite range of salon mats that feature both anti-fatigue and anti-static benefits. These mats stimulate blood flow through the lower body and torso to provide longstanding comfort that is simply unbeatable. What's more, the anti-static properties of our hair salon mats make cleanup a breeze. Hair does not stick to our anti-static salon mats! Our product line is available in a variety of different textures, colors, and sizes! Accent your salon or spa with one of our salon mats, today!

  • Vegas - Heel Proof Salon Mat

    Introducing the Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mat, a stylish and Eco-Friendly option for your salon floor!  Extra thick, this salon mat is designed to support high heels without becoming punctured. 

    • Comes available in both a 9/16" and 1" thickness
    • Nylon-reinforced for superior Anti-Fatigue support
    • Eco-Friendly:  Made of 25% recycled materials!
  • Reflex Salon Mat

    The ultimate Anti-Fatigue Salon Mat!  Reflex Salon Mats are designed to equally distribute pressure across the foot, alleviating muscle stress and stimulating blood flow.

    • Anti Static surface inhibits hair from sticking to mat
    • Custom sizes available!-
    • Now made of 25% recycled material!
  • Diamond Plate Salon Mat

    Added traction and durability are the hallmarks of our Diamond Plate Salon Mat!  Functional yet stylish, these salon mats are built to last and go well with most decor.

    • Available in 9/16" and 1" thicknesses
    • Anti-static property keeps mat free of clinging hair
  • Marbleized Salon Mat

    Add these stylishly textured salon mats to your hair salon, spa, or beauty school!  Our Marbleized Salon Mats are vibrant in color and resilient for long term use. A popular hair salon mat!

    • Available in 5 eye-catching colors!
    • Made of commercial-grade rubber
    • Designed to withstand puncture holes from high heels and other spiked objects.
  • Textured Gloss Salon Mat

    Our Textured Gloss Salon Mats feature a beautiful pebble surface.  Constructed of non-pourus vinyl, these mats provide superior traction while resisting punctures, rips, and tears!

    • Choose from 6 stylish colors!
    • Environmentally friendly construction
    • An ideal hair salon mat
  • SoftWoods Salon Mat

    Add the feel of warm hardwood to your salon!  Our Softwoods Salon Mats are available in a variety of wood textures that are both stylish and supportive.

    • Anti-Static to reduce hair accumulation
    • This hair salon mat is very easy to clean!
    • Available in Walnut and Wild Cherry!
  • Spring-Step Salon Mat

    Put a spring in your step!  Our Spring-Step Salon Mats have a unique elastic construction that keeps foot and leg muscles fresh and feeling rejuvenated!

    • Comes with 5-year warranty!
    • Custom sizing available
    • Environmentally friendly construction!